A few weeks ago, I proudly introduced our new DIY centerpiece package. I partnered with 46 & Spruce to make a complete DIY kit, which granted you access to my online training and shipped two pillows and two compotes to your door.

But it wasn’t truly “complete”; a major component was missing: flowers.

For locals, we decided to offer a limited number of our education and hardgood packages with flowers for pick up from Hope Flower Farm. We immediately received feedback from many of you that you wished we could ship flowers. We wished we could, too.

And now we can. Thanks to our friends at Poppy.

I’m thrilled to announce that in partnership with Poppy, we are able to ship a custom, #Hollyish recipe of flowers right to your door. Poppy worked closely with flower farms to source flowers that pair perfectly with my education on making a centerpiece.


Besides the joy of offering a truly complete DIY package, I’m excited to be partnering with Poppy and supporting flower farms.

Poppy’s CEO and Founder Cameron Hardesty is a close friend and inspiration. We initially bonded over our mutual love for master florist Gregor Lersch; now we’re bonding over the mission of making flowers accessible for everyone–for their home and big events. (Fun fact — we first met years ago when our mutual friend Laura Dowling invited us both to help her prepare July 4th decorations on the South Lawn of The White House!)

Cameron is also conscious of the entire lifecycle of flowers. She understands why I’m always chanting “We can’t forget the growers!” as a cornerstone lesson in my education about this industry. Cameron has learned from her travels that the flower business brings economic activity and possibility to the country and people who need it most. As she wrote in a recent blog post: “Empowering women, in particular, through the floral supply chain has been at the core of mission since day one.” We’re excited to work with Poppy because they support growers with every product they create, including ours.

I started the #OneBloom initiative on social media because I believe everyone should have flowers in their home right now, to feel the hope they bring. There is something therapeutic about handling flowers, refreshing their water, and seeing their light fill a room. Thanks to Poppy, the hope of flowers can come right to your door.


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