Featured Flowers

In this section we hope to teach you about the blossoms we love to use for weddings and events. You will be able to discover the seasons of availability, and the unique uses of these fabulous petals or pods. You will find that I often refer to my flowers as if they are people, I am often caught saying ” I love her,” or “she is dependable,” so bare with me as I tell you about my friends.

  • Anemones

    Anemones come in hot pink, purple, red, white, and a blue purple. I have a love-hate relationship with these flowers. I love the color and shape of the bloom but I have often been disappointed by the quality of this flower on many occasions. I am forever hopeful so I can continue to purchase her,  but I think she is a very unpredictable flower.

    Photography by Kristen Gardner. Hot pink anemones were used in this vibrant and lovely bouquet.

  • Anthurium

    Anthurium is available in red, orange, pink, green, white, and brown, it is available in most seasons. I love coming up with new and unique ways to use this flower. In the above bouquet we used the anthurium as a collar.

  • Baby’s Breath

    Baby’s breath is typically used in commercial flower shops as a filler flower. If designed properly it can be used for any type of design including bridal bouquets.

    Second image, Photography by Madalina Lesan


    We love using this bright happy yellow flower balls in our designs. These flowers are also great for unique bouts and corsages!!

  • Brazilia

  • Brunia

    This berry is available in green, brown, and silver. It’s available in most seasons. I have not quiet figured out a pattern of availability for this one yet. This berry is native to Australia and one of my favorites from down under. Second photograph taken by Kate Headley.




  • Cabbage Roses

    Cabbage roses are a unique variety of rose. The heavy petal count makes them look similar to a peony. These are available in many different colors and in all seasons.

  • Carnations

    I am not quite sure how it happened, but everyone thinks they hate carnations. Myself included, for years, I said ” I don’t do carnations,” well the truth is they are amazing when designed in mass.  These lovely blooms are affordable, and available in all seasons and colors.  Please don’t hate them!!

  • Cymbidium Orchids

    Cymbidium orchids are available in green, white, pink, copper, and yellow.


  • Dahlia

    This flower is available in many different colors and petal structures, it blooms from mid Summer until October or the first frost.  This is one flower I never used to use because it was always damaged upon arrival to my flower shop. Luckily for me I met a local grower named Don,  he’s my new best friend and he’s my dahlia man, I LOVE Don. Bouquet image by Tracy Timmester.

  • Dendrobium orchid

    These are available in white, yellow. dark purple, green, pink and lavender. We love these dainty little blooms for bouts, corsages, and hair pieces. The entire stem can be used to create amazing cascading bouquet, large centerpieces or altar decor.  This is available in all seasons.

  • Fiddle Head Fern

    Now this is an interesting non flower it’s a frond, the fiddle head fern frond is the beginning or the development of the leaf structure of a fern. This uniquely shaped element is wonderful in design. Brides often think they are not real. You may also see them in the grocery store they are a seriously healthy delicatessen. We love these for bouts, corsages, centerpieces, and of course bridal bouquets.

  • Freesia

    This lovely bloom is available in many different colors. It is fabulous in bouquets and it is perfect for bouts and corsages.

  • Hot Lady Rose

  • peony

    Yes, they really, really, really, are a Spring time flower. No flower has every caused as much heartache in the wedding industry as the peony. Bride after bride comes through my door hoping to have peonies in their bouquet. You must marry in the Spring to early Summer if you are 100 percent certain you want peonies.  Yes it is possible to get them out of season, but I would never lead you to believe it was a safe bet. This particular type of peony is a tree peony and its from my garden.

  • Ranunculus

    Ranunculus are truly lovely little blooms and we use them constantly in the Spring but brides should be forewarned, this blossom is  often very small. Most girls seem to expect this flower to be huge and it is typically dime to quarter sized. Specialty varieties that are large are wonderful but pricey. These are available in many different colors.

  • Succulents

    We love, love, love, succulents. These unique little creatures are fabulous texture and color.  They come in many different sizes and textures. I have used them in bouts, corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces. My favorite thing about this non-flower, flower is that you can root them. That’s right, after they have been used in a design you can put them in a glass of water grow roots and then plant them in your garden or in a little pot. Yep, pretty cool, I know.

    We have even used them in a floral necklace. Photography by Anne Robert.

  • Thistle

    We Love thistle for her non committal blue tone. This blue shows so much green that she can be pushed to look like several other tones of blue. The almost dried nature of this flower makes it wonderful for painting, meaning we can easily push this bloom to a tone we do not normally see in flowers like navy,  or teal. This flower is very organic in feel but can be pushed to be contemporary in design as well.