Why you need to come see Gregor Lersch at Hope Flower Farm

Written by Holly’s son, Alex

My mom is in France right now to visit her friend and designer extraordinaire Gregor Lersch. This is actually her first trip to Europe where she isn’t working. But it’s still all about flowers. She’s so excited to visit Gregor’s summer home and studio and see his creative mind in its natural element.

Although you and I don’t get to visit Gregor in France (I’m not jealous or anything), fortunately you and I do have the opportunity to visit with him at Hope Flower Farm–his home away from home–September 1-4.

We are offering a single day of observation and discussion on September 1, and a three-day, hands-on workshop September 2-4 (an official Chapel Designers workshop).

The team here and my family has been lucky enough to host Gregor several times, and we always feel like his visits are special. I asked everyone to explain why they think you need to come see Gregor at Hope, and this is what they said: 

  • Holly: Studying with Gregor is like unlocking creativity and artistic design. It makes your mind expand and your potential increase ten fold.
  • Lead Designer Jess: If you are an American florist, you’ll learn so much about European style, techniques, and materials.
  • Chief of Operations Sydney: You want to learn about the theory behind beauty, so you can bring more artistry to everything you create.
  • Me: Gregor truly loves Hope and values the blooms it has to offer. If you’ve been wanting to visit us, this is a great time for a first visit. We’ll have dahlias!
  • My younger siblings: It’s funny to hear a German man tell stories and sing. (Gregor is quite the entertainer.)
  • Sadie: *bark!*

 For these reasons, and more, we hope you choose to spend time with us and this incredible man in September. To learn more about his visit and register, click the links below. 

Until next time, flower friends.

With hope,


Register for Meet the Master

September 1, a single day of demonstration and discussion appropriate for all artists and creators, not just floral designers. There is no hands-on work. Lunch is included!

Register for Three-Day Workshop

September 2-4, a Chapel Designer Workshop, offering the benefit of Gregor’s artistry and the knowledge of how Holly implements his techniques in her designs. Holly will teach business and marketing based on her 25+ years of experience in the floral industry. Students will experience hands-on design time with both Gregor and Holly. The Gardens of Hope will be in full bloom. Note: Attendees who meet membership criteria may become Chapel Designers at the conclusion of the workshop (for membership criteria, click here).

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