Last week I started the #OneBloom initiative on social media because I believe everyone should have flowers in their home right now, to feel the hope they bring. There is something therapeutic about handling flowers, refreshing their water, and seeing their light fill a room.

But what if you want more than one bloom? What if you want a whole bowl of blooms?

I can help with that, too.

In February, before any of us realized what the impact of COVID-19 would be, I spent a wonderful day filming design and business instruction with some talented teachers (I’ll have more to say about that in the future). One of the segments I filmed was for everyone to learn how to design a centerpiece for their home, with my guidance and the magic of the pillow. Although my pillow was born out of need for wedding work, I’ve since realized that it makes centerpiece creation easy for everyone–not just professional designers.

Making A Centerpiece with the Holly Chapple Pillow” will teach you how to flower arrange in a compote bowl, even if you’ve never designed before. The instructional video and accompanying .pdf will show you how to design using flowers available at grocery stores and farmers markets. You’ll also learn what blooms you should be growing in your garden!

I partnered with 46 & Spruce to make a complete DIY kit, which gets you access to the training and ships two pillows and two compotes to your door. Or, if you already have pillows, you can purchase the training solo.

I think this could make a great gift for any mom in your life for Mother’s Day or anyone you know who loves do-it-yourself challenges.

Whether with the help of this training or not, I hope you get flowers into your home. ASAP!

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