This blog has been my sacred little place for many years. I have designed over two thousand weddings, and my experience has lead me to many remarkable places. This post intends to shed some light and sympathy on the 2020 wedding season. This season will be like no other as we head into uncharted territory. All of my resources, including our own Hope Flower Farm, where we grow thousands of peonies, dahlias, and other specialty blooms, will be used to get my clients through the coming months. I know everyone is incredibly concerned about the COVID 19 situation, so I wanted to send a special message to those marrying this year. If your wedding is this year, you are probably feeling concern, worry, and stress about your event.

You may even be feeling guilty because you are disappointed. Let me assure you that it’s okay and completely justified to mourn the loss of what you envisioned. Things will most definitely be different than we all had imagined, but that is okay. From the most challenging situations, some of the most beautiful and meaningful solutions are born. It may seem odd, but for some reason, I am equating this loss my clients are feeling to the kind of heartache I felt when I suffered my miscarriages. A wedding is the most important of beginnings; a wedding day is when a new family is born. Something beautiful is planted and takes root and comes into bloom. It’s okay to grieve, it’s even okay to be angry, and it’s okay too long for your special day. I would encourage any couple that has to postpone their wedding to celebrate on their chosen wedding day by having a small ceremony or special evening. Your devotion to celebrating will signify the highest commitment in life to move forward no matter what. To our clients, please know that our company remains as flexible as possible; we do not require a financial commitment for your flower orders beyond our ten percent retainer. We do not request final payments for wedding flowers until three weeks before the wedding. Our policies will allow our clients to keep their cash in hand until we can assess if the event can happen safely. If you would like to celebrate here at our farm, we have the resources to give you a beautiful and intimate wedding. My clients have been my world; you are my heart and my passion if you would like to join us this Friday, March 27th at noon for some creative COVID rescue plans and to meet other people in your situation register here

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