I am quarantined at Hope Flower Farm. I was abroad in Canada teaching when the world as we know it started to crumble.

When this all began, I was cautiously concerned. Afraid I would get sick, afraid of losing my income, and even afraid I wouldn’t get home. I am two days into quarantine and my fear for the devastation to my profession and industry is growing. In my heart, all I want to do is help others survive. How do I encourage Hope and kindness in the midst of a storm that has only just begun?

I can do it with ONE BLOOM. Today, I hung a bucket up at the end of our flower farm’s driveway. Today, I want to encourage this simple action….One Bloom. That’s all I have for us right now. One Bloom.

I encourage you to have ONE BLOOM in your homes at all time; put one in every room if you can. Consider this act as important as keeping the lights on in your home. Let that one bloom be the light and HOPE in your house. I promise a single bloom can bring life and HOPE to your homes.

Flower farmers, florists and wholesalers are all in need of our community’s support. While flowers may be seen as non-essential to some, WE believe they are vital to your very life, just like they are to ours.

I also encourage you to grow in your own gardens, grow gardens of HOPE. As the season progresses we will have beautiful blooms for sale, and we are even talking about ways to open our farm to families or couples that want to have a simple wedding. All of this is to be figured out at a different time, but for now perhaps you will consider supporting some of my friends:

Check out the Happy Box offering from the girls at Harmony Harvest Farm. You can also get flowers from Barbara and Dennis at Greenstone Fields, and I encourage you to buy seeds from Erin at Floret and Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

As you get the power of flowers into your life, one way or another, I ask that you share your One Bloom on social media with the hashtag #onebloom and #Hopeblooms. Peach and love and always HOPE – The Flower Mama

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