I am onto the next adventure (follow @hollychapple on insta to see where I am now) and have barely had a moment to grasp the happenings of last week. The pace of my business never slows. But I keep telling myself I’m going to stop and savor the incredible things that are happening for me and my team, so that’s what I’m doing with this post.

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to design for the British Floral Influencers Luncheon. The proceeds from the luncheon will go to the Garden Museum of London and the exhibit being created for Constance Spry, which will open this October. I was so honored to be involved. Just think, I got to design with some of NYC’s finest designers and hear the incredible Shane Connolly and co-speakers Emily Thompson. Shane has a royal appointment to the Queen in floristry, imagine that. Shane is also one of the strong voices behind the no floral foam movement. 

Several NYC designers and I each had a table to design. This was grand and I was thrilled, but things got even better. Martha Stewart herself took on a table and designed her look in conjunction with Dennis Schraeder of Landcraft Environments. I admit I was really quite blown away when I heard she would be designing along with @DavidBeahm, @NicCamille, @Foxfodder, @joshuawerber, @cathybgraham and @ryanzoeller.

Here is the picture of my tablescape! Many thanks to Harmony Harvest sharing so many beautiful local blooms! We were also lucky enough to get to create botanical couture for two beautiful ladies, who floated among the guests.

Table setting by Maison De Carine

Martha arrived carrying cattleya orchids from her greenhouse. At this moment, she embodied the love I see in all of my other flower friends. She was so, so proud of her stems. Let me also say she is gorgeous. In years past, I have had the pleasure of going to her corporate offices. I remember in one board room, there were portraits hanging from her modeling days. It’s easy to see how she was a successful model.

Martha’s Table Design

As chance would have it, I got to speak with her. I didn’t really believe it would happen, but I promised myself I wouldn’t annoy her or self promote if I met her. Crazily enough, we just stood talking about our designs and what I grow on my farm. I told her about my peonies and that I get my dahlias from Erin at Floret. I thanked her for what she had done for floristry and the love of flowers, and I walked away. Moments later, I was kicking myself because I hadn’t thanked her for the features of my work or of my Syndicate Sales product line in her magazine. It’s hard to know what to do or say when you meet a legend and you’re also trying to respect that she was there to enjoy the day.

So I have to say for the most part I’m pretty damn thrilled. Here are some pictures of the day! A big huge thanks to Carolyn Bender @cbealifestyle for all of her hard work planning the event and to Char Hubble for her commitment to this cause and hosting us at the Metropolitan Club.  My table was truly lovely, and I’m so proud of our work. Thank you, Sydney, Jess and Chapel Designer Gabriel Wile. And thank you, Carine, for the table settings from Mason De Carine. You clinched the deal. 

The luncheon and our designs were also featured on the Martha Stewart Blog!

If you read our newsletter you will know we have had a lot of amazing things going on. Our latest leaflet (get it?) shared some sweet memories about the last ten years. If you aren’t subscribed, you will want to subscribe here. Images by @fredmarcusstudio and @andymarcus.

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