Last week our team had the incredible opportunity to travel to Bogotá, Colombia. We flew there to see our favorite rose grower Alexandra Farms. This farm specifically focuses on growing garden roses.

If you follow my studio, you know I am the queen of the garden roses. Standard roses simply don’t catch my eye like the garden roses do. I have long since dreamed of going to this farm. In fact, I set my sites on this trip long before I started teaching abroad. Proving some things are definitely worth the wait.

What I found in Bogotá absolutely fills my heart. I have always known I loved these roses, but I didn’t know how much I would love the people behind them. Owner Joey Azout and his entire team are the most amazing and caring people. Their spirit and passion for these roses totally matches my intense love for all things garden roses. I also want to send a big shout out to Teresa Schaefer for being the best support system and marketing director Alexandra Farms could ever have.

We started our journey in the trial gardens. Here we got to pick our favorite roses. All of the roses we chose were taken to a table. As a team, we discussed the potential of each rose. This was super exciting to be a part of.

Sydney Chapman Director of Experiences and Logistics for team HHC
Jess Patterson, Lead Designer and Director of Web Services
Evan Chapple, Chief of Operations and Finances
Queen Bee
Post-harvest, where flowers are packaged and sent to designers all over the world

The next stop is designing, we had an amazing time creating for creation’s sake. We were literally moaning and crying with delight over the amazing flowers we were offered to design with.

Precious Moments Garden Roses, Sahara Sensation, Cafe Latte Garden Roses
Golden Mustard Garden Roses, Carmel Antike, and Beatrice David Austin Garden Roses
Designed with Mayabi Garden Roses, Mayra Garden Roses, and Baronesse Garden Roses
Sydney modeling an Ella Rose bridal bouquet. Ella is a David Austin Garden Rose and Alexandra Farms is one of the four authorized David Austin Rose Growers. Ella is the newest white rose in the David Austin collection.
Here designers Jess used Tess Garden roses
Team HHC with Teresa Schafer of Alexandra Farms

If you would like to see more from this trip check out my IGTV and see full stories from our time at Alexandra Roses.

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