I woke up this morning to find an incredible comment on one of my Insta posts. I am on the floor. This person was at a conference I was teaching at, and she witnessed me in a private moment. Just from the way I was standing and pausing, she could tell I was reflecting. She was so right. I have been reminded lately that how we carry ourselves matters. We can emit strength, happiness, joy, love, and compassion just by how we walk into a room. Our actions and our vibe can transcend and influence the people we meet or even those just watching. Put good shiz into the universe, and it will come back tenfold.


Holly, my hotel room at #florabundancedesigndays this year was along the upper rotunda, with a sliding glass door that went out onto the upper ring where I could look down at the beautiful moon gate and floral tapestry we all helped create. On the final morning, early Wednesday, the sun was still climbing and it was a little chilly. You would begin your teaching session in about an hour. I went out to enjoy the last morning breeze and I saw you walk out onto the open circle below. It was empty but for you. You headed toward the center of the circle and then you stopped. The sun was still rising through the entryway where the moon gate was standing and you just stood there, still, for a long while, looking out. In that moment I imagined what you might be contemplating, remembering, hoping for. Not to be creepy, but I follow your page and appreciate your willingness to let your followers into so many corners of your life – the magnificent farm, your gift for designing and teaching, and to the love you have for your family. I followed your loss and pain when your mom passed. I followed your joy when your grandchild was born. So as you stood there, taking in the beauty, I suspected you were embracing the new year that had just begun, while honoring all of the tears and laughter and hard work that had brought you to that moment. It was beautiful. And I feel like what you wrote in this post just confirmed it.

I figured it wasn’t the right time to yell down, “Guuuurl, I cant wait for your class this morning!! Teach me some good shit!” I mean, the thought did cross my mind, but only because that kind of thing makes me laugh. Lol.•

Anyway, this post you just wrote contains what a I imagined to be your inner monologue on that morning in Santa Barbara. And, for the record, you did indeed teach us some good shit. ???

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