Its been a long time since I wrote about Hope Flower Farm and my dreams for the farm. I wish I was a better writer so that I could explain all that I have in my heart. I promised God, the universe, and a special benefactor if I was lucky enough to obtain the farm I would give back. I knew from the moment I began dreaming of all the things we could do with the farm, that it would have a service component. Well the stars are all aligning, literally. The top floral designers in the world are coming to my farm. Our prestigious teachers include, Gregor Lersch (Germany), Francoise Weeks (Portland OR) , Hitomi Gilliam (Vancouver Canada), Susan Mcleary ( Ann Arbor, MI) and Alison Ellis ( Vermont). They are coming to teach botanical couture to students from all over the world some coming from Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa. We are converting the old dairy barn into a fashion show runway. Here are some images of the dairy barn when we first found the farm. Hard to believe that we could imagine any purpose for this farm. When we saw this barn we dreamed of turning it into a runway for fashion shows (thanks to cousin Jessie) or a dinner theater (thanks to designer Jimmy Lorh).

Well it is happening, this space is now clean and ready for our upcoming Flora and Fauna Workshop. We produced a similar workshop in NYC several years ago (read about that here). Upon purchasing the farm we knew we would bring the show to Hope Flower Farm someday. Our upcoming workshop seemed like the perfect opportunity to make this dream a reality. When these magnificent workshops and classes happen, only the students and teachers get to view and delight in the abundance of flowers and creativity. This is a true shame, as what is created should be seen by all. This got my heart and head to thinking!! What if the creations we made were put to use, what if they could give back and become a part of our service commitment. Because of this, we have teamed up with Jenny from Along Comes Hope and Team Mathias. Here is how you can help, we are hosting a luncheon catered by TuskiesGuests will dine in the fully decorated dairy barn and watch our botanical couture fashion show. Our models are all cancer survivors and you will get to see them decked out in beautiful blooms as they celebrate recovery. You can help buy buying tickets to the luncheon. We have 20 seats left. Proceeds from the luncheon will go to our two designated charities. Can you help us realize this dream? You can purchase your tickets here. Tickets must be purchased by April 27th.

Please help us support these two charities that benefit youth with cancer.

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