Many years ago I went to the Virginia state corporation board to make Holly Chapple Flowers a legit corp. I filed for my certificate under the name of Holly Chapple Flowers LTD. With much excitement, I brought the news of my new company home to my mother. During that conversation my mom asked if I might consider changing my business name to Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD. She saw this as a way to keep the Heider name alive and create a legacy. I am one of five daughters and the last of the Heiders. The end of the line was always on my parents’ minds. At the time I thought the request was a little silly and even a little annoying as it required additional fees and more paperwork, but I honored my mother’s request. Here we are, all these years later, and I have been given the gift of a product line and a partnership with Syndicate Sales. I am so thankful to my mother, I couldn’t see into the future the way that she could. I couldn’t imagine a time when daddy would be gone and we would all be older. I couldn’t imagine that my company could be used to carry on the Heider name. My mom used her ability to see into the future and because of her wisdom, yesterday was all the more incredible. Lots of tears were surely shed. While I am very excited about our new product line and my incredible relationship with Syndicate Sales, the biggest achievement and excitement was seeing the Heider name carried on. This product line includes 3 sizes of compote bowls (offered in black, clear, white and glass) as well as a mechanic I use for bouquets and centerpiece designs. While the mechanic has a funny little name, the ‘egg’ and the ‘pillow’, I can assure you the story and the journey are nothing short of epic!!

  • Jessi T Says: (01.17.2018 | 04:03)

    Congrats Holly! I know many blood, sweat and tears went into were you are today. Way to go my friend.

  • Mary kim stock-waddell Says: (01.17.2018 | 08:22)

    Congratulations Holly

  • Jessica Says: (01.17.2018 | 08:22)

    Congrats on a fantastic culmination of years of hard work. I am a newlywed and have not changed my last name because it is the end of the line for my maiden name and it kinda makes me sad that nowhere else in our family line will it be alive.

  • Vernon Hollidge Says: (01.18.2018 | 03:31)

    So nice Holly. Wish you nothing but the best.

    • chappleadmin Says: (01.19.2018 | 09:02)

      You and your family have always been a key part of who we are!! Love you all!!!

  • Sylvia Says: (01.18.2018 | 04:15)

    Your signature on the family history!

    • chappleadmin Says: (01.19.2018 | 09:01)

      Yes Sylvia, it’s a lovely little miracle.

  • Cathy from Perennial Petals Says: (01.19.2018 | 08:30)

    I accepted the fact a longtime ago that my mother always knows best. So happy to hear this story and so excited for your new venture.

    • chappleadmin Says: (01.19.2018 | 09:01)

      Yep, if only our kids knew this truth!!! Bam

  • Kim DiRusso Says: (01.20.2018 | 09:38)

    So amazing that your mom’ s Wisdom & your Work have come together to create this beautiful creation, DREAM COME TRUE❤️

    • chappleadmin Says: (01.21.2018 | 09:13)

      It is indeed. It is really amazing how every little baby step we make can change our future!!!

  • emily waddington Says: (01.21.2018 | 10:20)

    I am really trying to access the syndicate sales website to look at the product in more detail with cost etc, but I just cant get on the site. its a forbidden site? is there any way I can be sent a brochure via email or post? love the concept and I am hoping to try the products and use them as part of my degree.
    Many thanks
    “Emily the Florist”

    • chappleadmin Says: (01.21.2018 | 10:36)

      Hi Emily,

      Did you try

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