We are all connected and amazing, beautiful things happen because of these connections. I am thankful for the gift of knowing when to give and when to nurture which brings me the most amazing people, relationships, opportunities and connections. This story is one of my favorites.

A few weeks ago I surprised one of our upcoming brides with a bridal bouquet from the gardens of Hope Flower Farm. During the planning process of Katy’s 2018 wedding, Katy mentioned that she was having a smaller wedding this fall. Her fiancé, now husband, is in active military and was being deployed for the next few months, so they decided to have a small ceremony before he was deployed. Believing all brides should have beautiful flowers I insisted on bringing Katy a bridal bouquet for this ceremony as well. I am not sure how I know to do these things, but it always ends up being some crazy kind of beautiful miracle. This picture makes me so happy and every single beautiful stem was born at Hope Farm. We received this lovely message from Katy…

We really can’t ever begin to express our gratitude to you and your wonderful team for the breathtakingly beautiful flowers for our wedding on Friday.  I hope you know the depth of which your generosity touched us this day, and we can’t wait to work with you even more come

All the best,
Katy and Andrew 

This picture and her note obviously brought me great joy and I knew that I had done the right thing. Fast forward to a few weeks later when I announced that I would be hosting pediatric cancer patients from Along Comes Hope at Hope Flower Farm. Once again I received a letter from Katy.


I follow you on Instagram, and I was very touched by your post today advertising the “Along Comes Hope” organization for families who have a child with cancer. I have only lived in the area since March, so admittedly, I haven’t heard of the organization. I am actually a childhood cancer survivor myself, and I’m now a nurse practitioner working in pediatric oncology at Children’s National. I actually had the opportunity to share my story during childhood cancer awareness month:


I am not sure what your event entails on November 12, and I won’t be in town, but if there is anything I can do, including a donation, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I also attached another photo from our wedding day. We never stop getting compliments on the flowers! Thank you again, and we’ll see you in the spring!

All the best,


So here we are today, the children are coming in just a few hours and I am beyond grateful that I have made these connections.

This image by Nancy Anderson Cordell Photography

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