Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled The Truth About the Holly Chicken Wire Egg. In that post, I journaled  my 3 year long journey with my mechanic that I called the “egg” and the “pillow”.  I shared about the things  that happened along the way and that would lead me towards my future, that future is Syndicate Sales. In this picture I am standing in my barn (the one I never dreamed, I would have) with Director of Product Development for Syndicate Sales, Trent Harshman. It’s Flowerstock 2017, I am surrounded by beautiful flowers, many of which we grew. There are wonderful friends all around me and the rest of my new Syndicate Sales family is there including the President Laura Shinall. Everything feels surreal, the sun is shinning through the slats of the barn and I feel joy and the first touches of peace. I begin to design in my new compote bowl called the “Abby” named after my favorite flower Abelia and my second daughter Abby. I am using the the new pillow form that Trent developed for me. In this moment, I believe we are both holding our breath. The mechanic was working and both Trent and I knew magic was happening. We were both in awe and also incredibly relieved. It was no easy task for Trent to extract from my head the form that he needed to bring to life. We had only two in person meetings and opportunities to discuss the form and the necessary adjustments. This was the first time we stood together and marveled over this new creation that we had worked so hard to bring to life.  On December 13th I turned my sights toward Syndicate Sales after the scenario described in my previous blog post. That day was the beginning of a beautiful story. A story that proves you should never give up, that you should search for the right people because they do exist, and that combining talents and forces can be a beautiful thing. For information and special offers about our new Holly Heider Chapple Exclusively for Syndicate Sales go to

Photography by Taken By Sarah  Look for more gorgeous images from Flowerstock soon!!!

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