Over the next few months we will be offering several floral design educational opportunities at Hope Flower Farm. Join us on July 24th for our Beginners Floral Design class. Registration can be found here.

The next Chapel Designers workshop is happening in conjunction with the amazing Gregor LerschGregor is one of my absolute favorite floral design teachers and we are honored to be working with him for the next Chapel Designers event at Hope Flower Farm.

We also have a 2 day large installation class with Gregor which is being offered here. Images for the above classes were provided by Angela Newton Roy Photography

And the epic floral design event of the year is Flowerstock!!!!! With teachers Ariella Chezar, Robbie Honey, Southern Blooms, Holly Chapple, and Debra Prinzing.  With music from Nathan and Eva. Join US!!!


Flowerstock Photographer Abby Jiu

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