The latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is out and you could say we are over the moon with delight to see the Holly Heider Chapple name included on the list of the 62 Top Floral Designers. Living in a rural area outside of DC and being a small business owner makes this accomplishment extra sweet. We have spent many years here fine tuning our look and our style and also trying to make an impact on the flower industry at large. This recognition means everything to us and we are happy to see that the thousands of weddings we have designed are becoming a part of our record and our legacy.


The HHC team is sending out a huge round of applause and congratulations to the other 61 designers that made the list. In addition a big huge thanks to the many designers, team members, and artisans that make Holly Heider Chapple Flowers a success.


  • Margaret Says: (02.23.2015 | 04:36)

    Congratulations Holly! So happy for you, Evan, and whole HHC family team! xo

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