Exquisite Designs / Owner: Alex Jusino / State: Illinois / Website / Phone: 773.975.3333

Blossoms & Branches / Owner: Karen Lipkin / State: Illinois / Website / Phone: 630.279.6520

Blooms ‘n Blossoms / Owner: Jessica Jones / State: Kentucky / Website / Phone: 859.421.9915 / Photo credit: Momma KT Shoots (left)

Sherwood Design and Events / Owners: Hunter Sherwood & Peggy Sherwood / State: Kentucky / Website / Phone: 859.359.2049 / (pictured l-r) Fellow Chapel Designer Jessica Jones, Peggy Sherwood, Hunter Sherwood

Blooms & Lace / Owner: Lacey Lavies / State: Indiana / Website / Phone: 571.232.0200

The Chapel Designers would love to help plan the floral designs for your next party, corporate event or wedding.  Feel free to browse their websites and give them a call. Some of the Chapel Designers also offer event styling, prop rentals and destination event services.


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