Last week was a whopper the good news is, we all lived to tell about it. We are happy to report that we pulled it all off and without a hitch, but I have to tell you in all honesty it was a very challenging week. I simply can’t believe all that we did.

The week began with the arrival of our newest employee Sarah.

Sarah will be helping us with customer relations, organization, and realizing our endless potential. Sarah is the first employee to be added to the HCF staff that is not a floral designer. We decided adding a new skill set here would be very helpful, Sarah has been in the hotel industry for over 10 years, she understands weddings, logistics, customer relations, and she has been itching to stretch her creative wings. In addition to Sarah’s incredible skills and talents, she is also from England. I may have hired her just because I wanted to hear her voice. Our studio sounded so wonderful last week.

On Tuesday I connected with clients, and we spent the entire day preparing for our huge shipment of flowers.  My daughter Abby also came home from college on Tuesday, this is really exciting news, because Abby will be working with our studio for the 2014 wedding season.

On Wednesdays the flower trucks arrive. Although we received deliveries from three different wholesalers this one shipment was almost entirely ours. This is the truck when it arrived.

This is the flower truck after leaving my house. Our studio received 117 boxes. One of the largest deliveries for my wholesaler.

On Wednesday Evan and I also headed to the Fairmont Hotel.  This particular wedding added hanging floral installations just one week before the wedding. This required another venue walk through and more measuring.

We had a wedding on Thursday and we spent most of that day designing.

On Friday, I was a speaker at a business meeting in Lovettsville (which is the town I grew up in). I spoke about being a small business owner, speaking at this was a huge honor.  On Friday afternoon I had a visit from Supervisor Higgins and I was given an award for Rural Innovation and an award for Small Business Week. On that we day we also did two rehearsal dinners.


On Saturday we did six weddings.  Here are our stats from last week.

7 Bridal Bouquets

39 Bridesmaids Bouquets

52 Boutonnieres

13 Corsages

9 Flower Girls

1 Dog Collar

90 Low Centerpieces

29 Elevated Centerpieces

2 Large Altar Arrangements

1 Ceremony Door

4 Hanging Installations

1 Grand Entrance with pipe and drape and hanging flowers

1 Dessert Bar

and countless other designs for cakes, cocktail tables, lounges, and place card tables.

It’s now Friday and it’s almost time to do the count down of this week.



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    Absolutely stunning. 😉

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