Last week began with a photo shoot here at our home based studio. We had the pleasure of designing for the ladies of Southern Weddings Magazine. The fabulous Katie Stoops photographed the designs, while miss Grace supervised the shoot. We will be waiting excitedly for the November release of this magazine.

Once the shoot was over, I put together some additional bouquets that Katie photographed for me. I enjoyed myself immensely last week. I had an abundance of product to play with and it did my heart good.

Grace had her end of the school year field trip at the local zoo. This girl is a treasure.

My good fortune continued through the week when I was blessed with a visit from the world recognized designer Robbie Honey. I am in awe when amazing people like Robbie end up here at my little house in Lucketts. I keep finding and connecting with the most lovely and real people. Robbie was no different, he is one of the most fabulously positive people I have ever met. The energy that surrounds him is so POSITIVE.

It was very exciting to see our name land on a window in Middlburg last week. We are very excited to be a part of a collaborative design space and our grand opening was wonderful.

This design was created for the upstairs conference space.

A collection of HCF bouquets was created for the grand opening.

The design partners gathered on the streets of Middleburg for a fun photo op. The collective includes Matilda Reuter from The Red Fox, Rosanna Smith of Bella Villa Antiques, Rachel Merkle, Jodi and Kurt Miller, Aly Rohling from Belle Luce, and Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. In addition we are delighted to have Becky Armstrong as our studio director. This is a serious collective of amazing talent. Watch out Middleburg here we come!!!

In addition to the grand opening and the two photo shoots we did, we designed for three weddings, and two rehearsal dinners. Our gardens rewarded us with amazing bounty and endless inspiration.

On Friday I made it to the Mothers day tea at preschool. I was just in time to see Miss Grace sing. 1 hour later I was in the back of a cargo van designing flowers on a floral chandelier.

That day ended with some seriously beautiful bridal bouquets and one sweet sleeping angel.

On Saturday we were up bright and early with a wake up call of 4:30 a.m. Our entire family gathered to watch our daughter Abigail graduate from JMU. I was so proud to be with my entire family on this remarkable day. Many thanks to the HCF team that oversaw the weddings so that I could be with my clan.

Not bad for one week of living!!!

  • Maxim Says: (05.14.2014 | 05:05)

    Never cease to admire your team and so what you do. A wonderful example of a family business. Good luck!

  • Jessica Says: (05.16.2014 | 12:49)

    I’m just catching up on my blogs…you make me tired! Super woman!

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