I have had a lot of goals for this studio and our family. Sometimes it feels like the hard work is never going to pay off. Quite frankly that stuff typically happens when I compare myself to someone else. In general I have to remember that everything I have ever dreamed of is coming true, plus a whole ist of things I could have never imagined. I have a big huge family, my husband and I are able to work from home. We have gorgeous, wonderful children, we have a home that is perfect for us, we have beautiful plants and flowers deeply rooted in our soil. We have countless friends, we are healthy, we are blessed. We have a staff of designers and employees, that step up to the plate. In addition to that, we are making a difference in other peoples lives. I blog less now and that really bothers me, as I have been told repeatedly that this place is helpful to others in the industry. It seems ever since I started using Instagram my will to blog has been reduced. I will try and get back here and do what I can, do but life is very busy.

Right this moment my iphone is downloading over 4,000 images, I see the last few months flashing before my eyes. Things like Christmas, Chapel Designers in Santa Barbara, Grace’s birthday, Evans Birthday, Alex’s birthday, Chapel Designers in NYC, The Knot Dream Wedding in North Carolina, Eli’s birthday, Easter, a beautiful table designed for the Goodstone Inn, weddings – super beautiful weddings, hanging and suspended floral designs, rich beautiful spring flowers from all over the world, pictures of linens for events that I am fully designing, lots of pictures of kids at the zoo or the park. I see Michelle who I will be visiting in Australia, I see a new baby who was born to my friends in Russia, I see moments where I was in the shop just enjoying what I do, I see a trip to Hershey Park with 7 little kids, I see a whole bunch of succulents and air ferns, I see endless amounts of cherry blossoms, I see our new iron trellis that we created, the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show, our beautiful table from the Salamander Resort dinner we designed, I see the Virginia Gold Cup and I see success. What we are doing is working. Each day I am learning, growing, changing. I am blessed with countless friends and family, an abundance of flowers, and ribbon and supplies, today I see that I have everything a girl could want. I hope tomorrow when I wake up I can see it so clearly. Today is going to be a good day. I have a full day of design ahead of me. I am making bouquets for an editorial shoot. Nothing makes me happier then working on bouquets!!!

Ha, I walked away from the computer for 1 hour to pack lunches and get dressed for the day and I can barely push the button to post this. It’s amazing how you can lose your gratitude in a matter of moments. Thankful for these pictures and reminders of the many things to be grateful for.


  • Seamus Says: (05.05.2014 | 10:12)

    Life is beautiful 🙂

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