Last week our studio was honored to provide the wedding flowers for Rebekah and Pete’s dream wedding. Rebekah and Pete are survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. I gathered in Asheville North Carolina at the Biltmore Hotel with some of my dearest friends the Chapel Designers to bring this wedding to life. Everything about this experience did feel like a dream. We were thrilled to be working with The Knot, celebrity event planner Marcy Blum,  and many other industry greats. This wedding was a blessing and a miracle from beginning to end. Many thanks to the American farmers that gave us their beautiful blooms. I am proud to report that every single flower, stem, and branch, was born in the USA. I even took the peach tree branches from our Virginia garden to help create the ceremony structure. I also won’t deny that we even did a bit of civic pruning in the state of NC, but that is between me, the bushes, and the designers that were not cutting with me in the middle of the night!!!

Please check out the couples wedding video here.

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