Sorry for the delay on this video. The computer that was used to create this video took a flying leap off of the coach. So without further delay here is the video from the last day of the Chapel Designers NYC 2014. Sarah, Nicolette and Sean, thank you for a wonderful day, you were beyond incredible. To my dear friends the Chapel Designers, being with you in NYC was wonderful. What we learned, wheat we shared, is mind boggling. I truly wish that 2014 holds many opportunities for me to be with you all. I hope and pray you have the best year ever, that you can stand strong and feel supported, as you move forward into this wedding season. Together we will make a whole lot of beautiful and that my friends is pretty darn amazing!!!
Love you all!!

Chapel Designers NYC 2014 – Day 3 + Roster from Chapel Designers on Vimeo.

  • Sherry Fletcher Says: (03.30.2014 | 06:41)

    Such a fun looking group. Flowers DO make us happy!

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