We are just days away from our big trip to NYC. A total of 73 designers will be “meeting me in NYC.’ The growth the Chapel Designers has achieved since our first trip to NYC just four years ago is phenomenal.  This year we will be visiting with the amazing David Beahm, Jess Gordon, Amy Mcgee, Sean Low, Francoise Weeks, Anne Chertof, Naomi De Manana, Sarah Ryhanen, Nicollete Camille, Debra Prinzing, and Jeremy from Squarespace. We will have a very busy three days. We will be learning, learning, learning, but most importantly we will strengthen old friendships and nourish new ones. We have designers coming from all over the United States as well as, Scotland, Russia, Canada, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands. The advancement and increasing strength of each of the Chapel Designers is undeniable, and I am thrilled that the HCF studio had a hand in helping each of these designers grow. We are on fire!!!

Our first night together begins this Sunday at Vase Source and we can’t wait to see our friend Danny!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dear friend David Beahm. Spending time with him is a true treasure. After  lots of time conferencing, and designing. We will also head to the offices of Martha Stewart for a tour of the corporate offices. We are so grateful for the many opportunities we have in NYC.

I can’t wait to be with my friend!!!

Many thanks to Genevieve Leiper for her amazing photos of last years conference!!


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