Chapel Designers are quick to acknowledge an addiction to beautiful ribbon and often indulge in using a variety of  ribbons to create  lavish handle wraps.

Chapel Designer Susan Kelly (Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events) chose Midori ribbon in shades of pink and peach to wrap the bouquet  pictured above for one of her recent photo shoots. She used organdy in ‘Pink’ and ‘Pink Grapefruit’, double-faced satin in ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Tea Rose’, and dupioni silk in ‘Rosebud’ and ‘Nectarine’. Retropect Images captured the range of feminine hues.

When it comes to Midori ribbon, Chapel Designers say sharing the ribbon doesn’t come naturally. Run your hands through the strands of Midori ribbon on a sample card and you’ll understand.  Parting with even a portion of  a spool is difficult and designers often feel a responsibility to declare an occasion Midori-worthy…or not. Look what some of the Chapel Designers said this week when Midori ribbon was mentioned:

“Is it sad that I love my Midori ribbon so much that I don’t want to let it go?”

“I have the hardest time actually cutting ribbon off the spool. I’d rather just look at it and adore my Midori ribbon up on a shelf.”

“I never want to share my Midori!!”

Chapel Designer Amy McManus (Crimson & Clover Floral Design) chose to wear a Midori double-faced satin ribbon sash in ‘Fawn’ on her wedding day. Because Amy seems smitten with Midori ribbon, we thought it would be fun to ask which is her favorite. She confidently chose dupioni silk, but couldn’t decide between ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Nectarine’.

Chapel Designer Isha Foss (Isha Foss Events) chose Midori dupioni silk in ‘French Vanilla’ to compliment her palette of pink, raspberry and wine for this bridal bouquet beautifully photographed by Will King Photography.

Chapel Designers founder Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers) was generous with the ribbon wrap on this stunning petal pink bouquet photographed by Jodi Miller Photography.

Midori dupioni silk in ‘Bossa Nova’ compliments the astilbe and hydrangea in this Holly Chapple bouquet captured by Joni Miller Photography.

Chapel Designer Janna Avery (Callista Designs) chose double-faced satin Midori ribbon in ‘Parsley’ for a showstopping cake topper photographed by Jonathan Burton Photography.

Chapel Designer Amanda Frankewicz (Alluring Blooms) may take the “Midori Addiction” prize! She clearly loves all types of Midori ribbon. Here are a few of Amanda’s Midori wraps: Bridal ascot in ‘Cornflower/Cream’

Midori ascot in ‘Rose/Cream’ and dupioni silk in ‘Cameo’

Midori dupioni silk in ‘Nectarine’ 

Midori velvet in ‘Florentine’

To see the full ribbon collection from Midori, click here.

  • Sherry Fletcher Says: (02.27.2014 | 11:34)

    Oh, just lovely!!!

  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (02.27.2014 | 03:43)

    Yes I’m one of those that has a hard time parting ways with my Midori ribbon. I have an emerald green spool that may never be used just because I absolutely love looking at the vibrancy in color. It’s absolutely fabulous!

  • Joan Delsrude Says: (02.27.2014 | 07:33)

    I’m Amanda’s (Alluring Blooms) mom-in-law and attest her collection of ribbons has me adoring ribbon. To call it ribbon is blunt and understated … more like a whisper in your hands. A skinsensual experience.

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