Dear Nico,

You have been gone 1 whole month. I still can’t believe you are are not here. We miss you everyday. The children are all doing well and they are really growing. It must be all that sugar they had at Christmas. Hannah has moved into her new apartment in Richmond and she is registered in classes. She also got a job and she is very happy. Abby is back at school and she will graduate from college this May. Alex and Mallary are busy decorating their new condo. Alex has been hanging lights, and building furniture while Mallary perfects her baking skills. Mallary loves to bake and got a best baker prize at Alex’s work.

Here are a few pictures from the holidays.  The first and second picture are of Grace at her Christmas party. She is loving preschool.

The children had a great time decorating the tree.

This is Riley holding an ornament that he made when he was in preschool. Look how big he is now.

The children decorating the Christmas tree.

The whole family on Christmas eve night.

The Chapple kids showing off their new Christmas pajamas.


Opening presents was fun but fast. The children opened everything so quickly it was hard to believe.

Playing with their new games.

Mallary baking on Christmas morning.

Evan and Alex building toys for the kids.

With Alex. Abby, and Hannah out of the house. We have just the four of these Chapples in the house. It is so much quieter here now. Things feel very strange without you and all of the children here but we are managing. Riley has been awesome with the little ones and that is nice to see. We have had lots of snow and ice and very little school which means the kids have been home for many weeks. In fact school is cancelled again today because of ice.

I hope you are well, safe, and warm. I know your family is so grateful to have you at home but just remember we are missing you here in Virginia. REALLY BIG missing you in Virginia.

Lots of love to you,

Holly and the family

  • Francoise Weeks Says: (01.06.2014 | 11:15)

    Love all these pictures of your great family!

  • Michelle Van Eimeren Says: (01.06.2014 | 06:12)

    I just love this

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