Because I have an awesome clan of designer friends called the Chapel Designers I thought it would be really fabulous if I did a “best of 2013 bridal bouquet blog post.” I wanted to showcase the incredible designs my friends are producing all over this country and abroad. Much to my surprise over sixty designers contributed to this post. As I entered each post I became more and more impressed with my friends and more and more impressed with what we are building together. Chapel Designers is now well over 120 designers strong and we are gaining new friends everyday. We are making a difference in the wedding industry. We are helping to set trend, we are providing an amazing product, but mostly we are designing with passion and an honest love of flowers. Get ready this is the longest post I have ever seen and because it took me over 12 hours to create I hope you will share this link and I hope you will please leave some comments!!

Designer Holly Chapple of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers – Leesburg Virignia

Image taken by Anne Robert

Designer Francoise Weeks – Portland, Oregon

Image by photographer Jamie Bosworrth

Designer Kristi Landphere of The Posh Posey – Folsom, CA

Image by Allison Lal Photography.

Designer Laura Cogan of Passion Flowers Design.

Image by Marianne Wilson Photography.

Designer Lisa Sommer of Petals and Promises – Silver Spring, Maryland

Image by Photography Du Jour

Designer Amy Santee from Amy’s Wedding and Event Flowers   – Aurora, Colorado

Designer Blair Roberts of Sweet Blossoms – Germantown, Maryland

Image by Liz Hough.

Designer Madeleine Elmer of Fleur de Vie – Houston, Texas

Image by Alyse French

Designer Susan McLeary owner of Passionflower – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Image by First Comes Love Photography

Designer Sylvia Clavier, Dream Weavers Flowers – Covington, Louisiana

Designer Julia Miller of Julia’s Floral – Edgewood, Washington

Image by Family Affair Photography

Designer Donna Sue Roberts, First Dance Floral – Southern Md.

Image by photographer Anne Robert

Designer Lauren Walloch of Garden Gate Florals – Central Florida

Image by KT Crabb

Designer Shelley Bagdasian of B Floral Event Design – Chevy Chase, Maryland

Image by Audra Wrisely

Designer Maria Limon of Maria Limon Atelier – Mexico City, Mexico

Designer Alicia Jayne Florals – Southern Maryland

Image by Birds of a Feather Photography

Designer Faye Zierer Krause of Flora Organica Designs – California

Image by Muir Adams

Designer Carmel Vandale of Mt. Lebanon Floral – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Image by Veronica Varos

Designer Mary Coombs and Dawn Clark from A Garden Party – Elmer, New Jersey

Image by Amy Rae Photography

Designer Jennifer Ederer of Modern Day Floral – Grand Rapids, MI

Designer Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers – Statesboro, Georgia

Image by Haley Sheffield Photography

Designer Ellen Snyder of Ellen Snyder Design – Vermont

Image by Paige Hiller Photography

Designer Angie Strange of Posh Floral – Dallas, TX

Image by Nine Photography

Designers Peggy and Hunter Sherwood of Sherwood Events – Lexington, Kentucky

Image by Willie Wilson Photography

Designer Dawn Kelly of Soiree Floral – Nantucket, Massachusettes

Image by Zofia & Co

Designer Janet Martineau of Floral Verde – Cincinnati, Ohio

Designer Jeanette Kleitz of True Florette – Orangeburg, New York

Image by Todd France Photography

Designer Amy Dunlap of Amy Lynn Originals – Winston-Salem NC

Image by Anna Routh Photography

Designer Corinne Sebesta Sisti of Sebesta Design LLC – Narbeth, Pennsylvania

Image by Tyler Boye Photography

Designer Isha Foss of Isha Foss Events – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Image by Sarah Street Photography

Designer Holly Rutt of Sweet Pea Floral – Michigan

Designer Stacy Ercan from Stacy K Florals – Rochester, NY

Image taken by Tom Mike Photography

Designer Heather Potter of Cottage Flowers – Malvern, Pennsylvania

Image by Sweet Water Portraits

Designer Janna Avery of Callista Designs – Linville, NC

Image by Kickstand Studio

Designer Anna Stouffer of Urban Petals – Greenville, South Carolina

Image taken by Catskill Mountain Photography

Designer Katie Pollard of Color My World Flowers – Nashville, Tennessee

Image taken by Alex Bee Photo

Designer Amanda Frankewicz of Alluring Blooms – Wisconsin

Designer Sherry Donnelly from Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio – Atlanta, Georgia

Image by Haley Sheffield

Designer Susan Kelly of Three Sisters Custom Flowers and Events – California

Image by Ginny Silver of Retrospect Images

Designer Karen Lipkin from Blossoms and Branches – Chicago, Illinois

Designer Sue Prutting of White Magnolia Designs – Maryland

Image by the Jo(e)s Photos

Designer Nicole Boshard of The Petal Pusher – California

Image by Sara at OneLove Photography

Stylist Mary Bartolucci of Island Style Weddings– St. John United States Virgin Islands

Image by Sage Hammond Photography

Designer Laura Williams of Loda Floral Design – Virginia

Designer Daevid Reed of Daevids Flowers and Decor – Norfolk, Virginia

Image taken by Hayne Photographers

Designer Lesley Frascogna of Tulip Curated Florals – Jackson, Mississippi

Image by Rylee Hitchner

Designer Jessica Jones of Blooms’n Blossoms – Georgetown, KY

Image by Natasha Moses Photography

Designer Lisa Ruf of Goodness Gracious Florals – Maryland

Image taken by Amy Flashenberg

Designer Eatherley Schultz 0f Floressence Flowers – Brevard, North Carolina

Image taken by Nick Breedlove Photography

Designer Trish Van De Merkt – Chicago, Illinois

Designer Cynthia Manchester of Oleander Florals and Events – New Jersey

Image by Shari DeAngelo Photography

Designer Courtenay Lambert of Courtenay Lambert Florals – Cincinnati, Ohio

Image by Braun Photography

Designer Laurie Garza of Fleurie – Reedley, California

Image taken by Robert Kurtz


Designers Carol and Peggy of Celebration Florals – Corvallis, Oregon

Image taken by Chris Becerra Photography

Eric Fredricks of Bee’s Wedding and Event Floral Design – New Orleans, Louisiana

Image taken by Greer G. Photography

Designer Lisa Almeida of Blossoms of Hawaii – Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Image taken by Aubrey Hord Photography

Designer Ellen Seagraves – Bethesda, Maryland

Image taken by Lucy Merkley

Designer Katie McConnell of Wild Bunch Studio – Chatham, Massachusetts

Image taken by Click Imagery

Designer Melissa Stewart of Primrose Floral and Event Design – Lexington, Massachusetts

Image by Molly Anne Photography

Designer Kim Kalmbach of Bloomers Floral Design – Sacramento, California

Image taken by Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Designer Meredith Young of Au Courant – Jackson, Mississippi

Designer Alexandra Jusino of Exquisite Designs – Chicago, Illinois

Image by Greenhouse Loft.

Designer Olga Beletskaya of the Flower Bazar – Moscow, Russia

Image taken by Yaroslav & Jenny Fine Art Photography

Designer Sharon Duke of Isn’t She Lovely Florals – Florida

Image taken by Hunter Ryan Photography

Designer Andrea Fitzpatrick of Corona Del Mar Florist – Dana Point, California

Designer Susanne Hatwood of The Blue Carrot – Portscatho, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Image taken by Hayley Savage Photography

Designer Victoria Clausen of Victoria Clausen Floral Events – Reisterstown, Maryland

Image taken by Renee Michele Photography

Designer Robyn Rissman of  Bare Root Flora – Colorado

Image taken by Sarah Box Photography


I hope you enjoyed this post, it was most certainly a very impressive line up of bridal bouquets. I am certain 2014 holds many exciting adventures for the Chapel Designers. I look forward to the many things we will accomplish together, our inspiration and growth will have no limits!!!

  • Lisa A Says: (12.31.2013 | 02:46)

    Holy Holly!!! You are incredible. This post blows me away! Absolutely amazed. So thankful to you for taking the time and effort to do this. What an amazing energy it must have taken! Honestly I can’t believe I get to be amongst you and the talent you have attracted in all the Chapel Designers! Someone pinch me, I am soooo giddy!!!!

  • Nicole Says: (12.31.2013 | 04:34)

    Wow! Thank you so much for writing this post, everyday I am so thankful to be a part of this group and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for all of us in 2014! xo!

  • Francoise Weeks Says: (12.31.2013 | 07:27)

    Such a splendid post! Thank you for taking the time and energy to showcase the work of so many talented Chapel Designers! You are the best!

  • Sylvia Clavier Says: (12.31.2013 | 07:34)

    Thank you, Holly! These bouquets are gorgeous! I am humbled and honored to be included among such a talented group of designers. This post is a beautiful way to close 2013 and usher in the New Year, which I believe, is going to be amazing! Thanks again for all that you do!

  • Ellen Seagraves Says: (12.31.2013 | 07:59)

    Thank you Holly, quite a send off for 2014.

  • Susan McLeary Says: (12.31.2013 | 08:33)

    Breathtaking!! Thank you for putting so much care into this, you are incredible!

  • Mary Coombs Says: (12.31.2013 | 08:49)

    Such an impressive collection, I can’t pick a favorite!!

  • Sherry Donnelly Says: (12.31.2013 | 09:04)

    LOVE my flower family!!!Thank you for bringing us all together…this showcase took a lot of your time and energy and I greatly appreciate all you do for us Holly!! Can’t wait to see everyone in NYC!! xoxo

  • Melissa Stewart Says: (12.31.2013 | 09:14)

    Absolutely beautiful! Its acts like this that keep us striving to be better, learning more and growing everyday. Thank you, Holly!

  • Kristi Landphere Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:18)

    Thank you so much for including me in this gorgeous post! I am so incredibly excited to meet you in SB and become a part of this amazing group. All of these are just stunning! Thank you for the hard work to do this!

  • Alicia Broehl Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:19)

    STUNNING! I am so honored to be affiliated with such talented designers. Thank you so much for this post Holly!

  • Becky McCulloch Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:19)

    These are incredible, such talent, such art! Very excited to become a part of this wonderful group! Congrats all on a fabulous 2013!

  • Eatherley Schultz Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:47)

    what beauty captured in one blog post! This is amazing and I am proud to be amongst these designers! Happy 2014!!

  • Lisa Ann Ruf Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:53)

    Breathtaking, in so many ways! You can both see and feel the love & talent from within each of these bouquets. Simply breathtaking!

  • Lauren Walloch Says: (12.31.2013 | 11:33)

    There are some truly beautiful and stunning designs in this showcase! Isn’t nature amazing? And, although you’d think that by using most of the same flowers over and over again that one would create the same “look,” it NEVER happens. Thank you, Holly. What a gift to us all.

  • Carol Young and Peggy Meyer Says: (12.31.2013 | 11:42)

    What an amazing collection of bouquets! A huge thank you to Holly for creating this 2013 bouquet blog. We are excited for what 2014 with hold for Chapel Designers…..we love our flower friends from around the world.

  • Betsy Bigler Says: (12.31.2013 | 11:45)

    WOWZA!! Incredibly beautiful bouquets, every single one! Thank you so much for the post and the awesome inspiration!

  • Laurie Garza (Fleurie) Says: (12.31.2013 | 11:59)

    I am honored to be in such fine company. I am ready to take the challenge of being the best I can be! Thank you for this gathering of lovely examples of what can be accomplished with love, passion and hard work.

  • Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas Says: (12.31.2013 | 11:59)

    All of the bouquets are amazing! When I saw the bouquet from Stacy with the bronze fern…sigh… my heart skipped a beat. Just lovely!

  • Jessica Jones Says: (12.31.2013 | 12:00)

    This brings tears to my eyes! I am so excited to learn from this incredible talent pool….Thank you Holly! Your energy is abundant, and your students love you!

  • Carolyn Fredricks Says: (12.31.2013 | 12:36)

    Wow !!!! Holly from the countless hours it took you to put this together it is a work of art from so many wonderful designers from around the world. You are a blessing to this group for having a vision and making it real. May you have many more in the new year. Great work by all the designers from a wife of a designer that loves seeing all the talent from this group.

  • Blair Says: (12.31.2013 | 12:50)

    I’m so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of artists! Thank you Holly!

  • Best Wedding Bouquets of 2013 by The Chapel Designers | True Florette Says: (12.31.2013 | 01:04)

    […] blog to see one of True Florette’s bouquets and feast your eyes on all the stunning  trend-setting bouquets of 2013. Beautiful beyond words! Bouquet by my friend and mentor Holly […]

  • maría limón Says: (12.31.2013 | 05:18)

    Beautiful work Chappel Designers!!! Congrats to all and Thanks Holly for joining such talented floral designers!

  • Courtenay Lambert Says: (12.31.2013 | 06:42)

    Wow….I’m blown away by the talent pool! So many gorgeous bouquets….one right after the other. Holly, thank you for pulling this post together…I know it was a lot of work, and it’s so much fun for all of us to read. 🙂

  • Ellen Snyder Says: (12.31.2013 | 07:20)

    Incredible Holly! Thank you. Thank you! This is the PERFECT send off into the New Year. You are The Best!

  • Stacy k Says: (12.31.2013 | 07:53)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do all the things you do for chapel designers and our industry. With your heart and contagious inspiration things will surely continue to change!!!! : -) love you happy new year.

  • Margaret Lloyd Says: (12.31.2013 | 10:10)

    So very inspiring! No cookie cutter designs here.

  • victoria clausen Says: (01.01.2014 | 12:53)

    SOOOOOOO MUCH gorgeousness, inspiration and talent! Thank you for putting this together, Holly!

  • Riz Reyes Says: (01.01.2014 | 01:05)

    That’s it…… INSPIRED!

    GORGEOUS WORK! Kudos to all these amazing designers!

  • Erin Says: (01.01.2014 | 01:17)

    These are truly beautiful choices! Happy new year to these talented designers!

  • Yuriy Says: (01.01.2014 | 01:45)

    Proud to be included in this post!!!!

  • Sherry Fletcher Says: (01.01.2014 | 05:30)

    Love the one from Callistah designs!!! I have seen her work at the Lodge in Linville.

  • Heather Says: (01.01.2014 | 10:33)

    Thank you Holly, for putting together this amazing post! So thrilled to be included. What an amazing group of talented designers! I loved looking at each and every bouquet.

  • Whimsical Floral Says: (01.05.2014 | 09:05)

    Love all the eye candy!

  • SuzannaWhitingt Says: (01.10.2014 | 03:18)

    Saved as a favorite, I love your blog!

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