Over the last 8 years our family has been blessed with the presence of Nico. December 6th is Nico’s birthday, and it’s also the day we said goodbye. For the last six months we have been dreading this day. Thousands of tears have been shed as we all awaited our last day with Nico. We cried this summer when we had our last family vacation together, we cried tears on the first day of school, we cried tears when we dressed the children in their Halloween costumes, we cried over the last football game, and Grace’s first day of ballet, and we cried every day in between. We knew the day Nico left would be painful but we never dreamed it would hurt like this. Nico and I even met in the hall and just cried. The fear we felt as this day loomed closer was incredibly surreal. Our dearest friend left today, our other mother left today.

On the 6th day of each month, I will write a post for Nico. I want her to see how the children have grown and I want her to know that we are thinking of her.  We love you Nico and we will always love you!!!!


Many thanks to Genevieve Leiper for these amazing images, these were taken just hours before we said goodbye.

  • Carmel Vandale Says: (12.08.2013 | 02:08)

    Those are amazing images,such a conveying of emotion!
    I will await your posts!

  • Sue Prutting Says: (12.09.2013 | 01:27)

    What a wonderful lady and gift to your family – and what an amazing gift your family has been to Nico. So much love.

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