It’s 11:53 p.m. and before I call it a day, I wanted to take the time to welcome the newest Chapel Designers. You have just found the most amazing home. Your days of trying to guess how many carnations it takes to fill a six inch sphere of oasis are now over. You now have a network of designers just like you, and we can help you through any designer crisis. In addition to that, you have also found the most remarkable group of friends in the wedding industry. I am so proud of us, and what happens when we work together. The friendships and opportunities that are a result of this group are quite frankly mind boggling. Thanks to all of the original Chapel Designers for your constant belief in me and in this group. I am so excited to be seeing you all again in either California or in NYC. That’s right, we have two conference choices this year.

Mostly I just wanted to thank you all. I promise to make each of these conferences truly remarkable. For those of you that are lingering, afraid to register, come on, do it!!! I will be there waiting for you with open arms!! So… who wants to meet me in California, or will it be New York City? Just pick one, and jump!!!

Register for California

Register for NYC

Look what’s coming soon!!!!

  • Nick Priestly Says: (10.29.2013 | 08:22)

    As you know Holly I decided to jump! I can’t wait to meet everyone in NYC. I already know it is going to be an amazing three days!

  • Cori Says: (10.29.2013 | 10:48)

    I love the simplicity and truth in this post. Well said and congratulations Holly and Evan:)

  • Jane B. Says: (10.29.2013 | 11:25)

    So how many carnations does it take to fill a six inch sphere of oasis?

    • Holly Chapple Says: (10.29.2013 | 10:08)

      Come be a Chapel Designer and we will tell you the mysteries of floral design!!!

  • Tracy Park Says: (10.29.2013 | 01:02)

    I have wanted to since the first meeting. Finally gonna do it. see you in March God willing

  • Celebration Florals Says: (10.29.2013 | 02:00)

    Yeah!!! We can’t wait to see you in NYC. Once we found and followed you on FB…. you led us to Holly. Because of you, we joined Chapel Designers. Now, we get to welcome you to CD and actually get to meet you in NYC. See you in March.
    Carol and Peggy
    Celebration Florals

  • Pretty FĂȘtes Says: (10.30.2013 | 02:11)

    Can’t wait to see and be inspired by you again this year!!

  • Dana O'Sullivan Says: (11.04.2013 | 10:57)

    I’ve jumped in with both feet and signed up for the California trip. Santa Barbara in January…oh yeah! Can’t wait!

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