The last few weeks have been full of serious designing and each week the drama or excitement has been escalating. We have had major hurdles to overcome like power outages, car accidents, horrendous rain, and a cargo van that broke down while on a wedding delivery. Because of this I am truly thankful that I stepped out of my house/flower shop and headed to NYC. I honestly needed a break, a breather, a moment to be inspired, and to enjoy. It has been work, work, work, and more work the last few weeks. While in NYC I get to help design the flowers for an event and I am sourcing product for one of our events this weekend.  I am so thankful for this opportunity. I will never get over the excitement of arriving in New York. The next few days should be a lot of fun!

  • megan soh Says: (10.17.2013 | 09:14)

    I’m so glad you got a break and went to NYC for Bridal Market! It was fun seeing all your pictures on Instagram. Wishing you much better luck in the next few weeks!

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