I am not sure how we do, all that we do, in fact I am always surprised, relieved, and blown away when we pull it off. Between the wedding work and the family work, this place is always hopping. I am certain our success is partially due to the fact that we care so much. Watching over my brides, their families, and their personal challenges, is one of the many reasons why we are so successful. Each bride really, really, matters to us and we want each client to know that we care. The personal relationships we develop with our clients certainly carries us to the finish line. I often say this is like giving birth, each wedding, is labor, labor, and more labor, and at the very end we push a bit harder and something beautiful is born. Just like child birth some events have challenges and even loss. This weekend was in particularly hard for many of our families.  One of our brides faced a serious hospital stay the week of her wedding, and her groom was a part of the government furlough. Another of our families had guests and wedding party members unable to make the trip due to health issues, and sadly one of our weddings had family involved in a horrendous car accident. That accident resulted in fatalities just 30 feet before the guests/family members arrived at the wedding rehearsal. Knowing the suffering and loss my families were encountering this week was very heart wrenching. Somehow amongst all of this, we were a part of six amazing and wonderful weddings. In spite of incredibly tragedy, I helped six couples marry. It is a blessing that our studio has the opportunity to be a part of a wedding.

Our morning started bright and early with Eli’s football game. I was only at the game for ten minutes, but I wanted Eli to see me there.

Next I delivered flowers to our Briar Patch wedding and our Salamander wedding. The above bridal bouquet was for Olivia at the Salamander. The bouquet featured vine and unique textures that were given to me several years ago when I designed the flowers for Olivia’s maid of honor.  I wanted the two friends to have that vine in common.

Our centerpieces at the resort featured huge compote bowls full of lush fall flowers. Half of the tables featured elevated designs. I picked the linens and other rentals for this wedding, so it was awesome to see the Salamander ballroom come to life. The ceremony happened on the grand lawn. While at the resort I also delivered flowers for an event at the equestrian barn. With this delivery under control, I left a team of designers behind to finish setting up the wedding. Next I headed to Murray Hill where one of our very special projects was underway. This amazing bride sought out our studio because she was inspired by a very special and unique color combination that I had created for a magazine spread. Bringing this wedding to real life was awesome. Evan was responsible for lighting and drapes and his work was impeccable, but that is his “normal.”

Just a few weeks before the wedding my bride asked to add ceremony decor to the event. Only days before her request, I had dreamed of painting my arbor gold. When I offered up this decor idea my bride happily jumped at this ceremony option. Our old arch was painted gold and now it is one of my favorite rental props. Next I found myself offering to paint our white urns gold. I was in love with this!!!!!

The bride and her mom handled signage and custom linens. Seriously, the mother sourced the fabrics while traveling abroad and she had the linens and runners custom made. LUCKY!!!

Next I headed to Breaux Vineyard to meet up with our other design team. This wedding was designed and planned by Megan of Events In The City. We created a gorgeous ceremony area and used the vintage crocks and crates we acquired for my sons wedding a year ago. Our bridal bouquet was loose and airy and featured Don’s amazing dahlias. In fact all of our bridal bouquet featured dahlias from Don. We  pulled out tons of vintage props and vessels for this wedding.

The bridal bouquet.

The bride and all maids wore flowers in their hair.

Centerpieces featured collections of mercury glass, birch vases, trophy containers, and vintage vessels. We loved the look of these flowers!!

While at Breaux I took the time to go over our designs and help with some final styling. In addition to the above listed events we also provided flowers for a wedding at The Airlie Center. That wedding was the second wedding I designed for that family and we were so honored to be a part of yet another family celebration. Lastly we provided a bridal bouquet to a wedding at the Birkby House.

In spite of all that transpired last week, we did it!! I don’t know how we did it, but we did. I am honestly grateful we got through last week. In addition to the stresses our clients were going through, we as a family also had a very emotional week. I will admit I had a serious crying jag on Friday, it was actually a whopper of a crying jag. On Friday we got the final word that our beloved nanny Nico would be leaving us in December. We will be losing a major part of our family. Our family and this studio is making it day by day, we are enjoying each sweet success, and trying to appreciate the fabulous relationships we are creating, all while realizing life is very precious!!

  • Lindsay Says: (10.07.2013 | 08:26)

    All of these are absolutely stunning Holly!! Amazing work, as usual! I’ll admit that I’ve been missing your ‘in the cooler’ posts this summer, thank you for posting snippets of your week!

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (10.08.2013 | 08:44)

    Holly!!!! I could just stare at these amazing photos all day.!!!!!! The flowers are all sooo romantic and lush!!!!!!! They are some of my very favorites that you have designed! And the bouquets……swoon!!!!!!!! And know when your heart is sad our heart is sad…but we are all here to hold each other up!!!!! xoxoxo

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