Over the last few weeks we have been pushing serious petals. Currently we are working out of two flower shops, one upstairs and one downstairs. Thankfully Evan created a second flower shop for our studio in the basement. This space was built so that we could handle the excessive amount of flowers and designing we are doing. All day long we run upstairs and downstairs checking on the flowers, the designers, and ultimately the designs. It is BUSY here, very busy, but we are okay with that. We only have a few more intense weekends to go and then we will see calmer times. Somehow in the midst of all of this, I have had some really special times. Time with the Chapel Designers, time with my grower friends, a little stolen extra time with the kids, and we even got to design wedding flowers for Don and Rhonda. Don and Rhonda are the dahlia growers I work with, they own Dons Dahlias Etc. Last weekend their son married and I got to make an almost all dahlia bouquet. It was super fun to be involved with their family wedding.

The dahlia bouquet.

The wedding ceremony overlooking the dahlias.

Beautiful designs created by Rhonda. Each vial features something special from Don and Rhonda’s garden. You can bet I asked Rhonda to come be a designer with me. Her pieces were amazing!!!

Just for fun I asked Don to pose with some of my spray roses, I had to see if he physically could even stand to touch something not as amazing as his dahlias. I think it was torture for him!!


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