It’s 8 am, and the first clients of the day are due here any minute. I wanted to take a quick moment to wish you a happy Monday. The lovely comments and out powering of support our studio has received over the last few weeks is very heart warming, and I wanted to say thank you. Last week we designed flowers for an editorial spread in Washingtonian Magazine Bride and Groom, we designed flowers for several brides, we even made a bridal bouquet of dahlias for our dear friend Don’s Dahlias, we talked with editors about upcoming features, and we got to design flowers for a Kinfolk Magazine workshop. That Kinfolk workshop killed me, it was so beautiful and delightful. I woke today feeling different and somehow newly inspired. Many thanks to Rebecca of a Daily Something who invited me to not only participate as a florist but as an invited guest. The workshop and the evening was magical

The above bridal bouquet was created during the epic design week we just had. The image was taken by photographer Genevieve Leiper. This bouquet was amazing to design and I loved creating it as I was surrounded by my friends the Chapel Designers. We touched and handled this bouquet way more then I should admit. Nothing comes easy around here. Love you all and have a great Monday!!!

  • Ellie Says: (10.21.2013 | 11:35)

    It looks as AWESOME in the picture as it did in real life!!! Thank you so much for everything, Holly! And Evan! And Chapel Designers!!!

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