I have a really fun thing going on with photographer Anne Robert and designer Dawn of Something Vintage Rentals. The three of us get together and style shoots. When we work together it’s like lightening and thunder. Bam, pop, smack, that looks amazing!!! What we create when we are together is ridiculous, almost insane. It works because, we work as a team, we share the responsibility of the final look. They touch my flowers, we look through Annie’s lens, Dawn’s beautiful vintage finds are on the job for us to dig through. I learn when I watch Dawn pick the right fork or the perfect piece of lace. We all three bring our special talents to the shoot and although I am just a florist, and Annie is a photographer, and Dawn has vintage rentals we all use our incredible ability to stage and create a vision of inspiration. Working with these girls and learning with them or from them, is awe inspiring. I see shoes differently, legs of chairs differently, I see how my flowers impact the final vision. We work together in tandem and we create magic. Our time together is always so inspiring and it results in serious beauty. This shoot was in particularly fun because I got my sister Heather to bring us her horse. Heather is a serious horse woman. Fun fact of the day my sister had to give the horse some equine xanex. Yes drugging horses is sometimes a part of a shoot, so is cleaning up horse sh_ _. I hope you enjoy this layout and I hope you hurry out and get the latest issue of Weddings Unveiled.

I am in love with this shoot!!! Many thanks to Riverside On The Potomac for allowing us to invade their barn.

  • Anne Robert Says: (09.25.2013 | 12:05)

    What an incredible and inspiring woman you are Holly Chapple. I love you and working with you!!!

  • kathy Says: (10.02.2013 | 10:28)

    would your sister be willing to let me borrow her horse for my engagement shoot? Id love to have a horse in it!! so beautiful. let me know of her contact info and id be happy to reach out to her

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