Last week our floral design studio accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed was possible. I am still trying to internalize and comprehend exactly what happened here. Last weekend was a game changer. I know for certain I owe a huge thanks to the designers and employees of HCF. Each HCF designer was assigned an extremely important wedding and they executed the service of this studio perfectly. I am so proud of my team. An additional thanks also goes to my friends the Chapel Designers. 6 designers from around the country left their businesses behind to come and help me. Many thanks to Daevid, Susan, Trish (website update under progress), Sue, Janet, and Alicia. One thing is for certain, we are now officially a luxury event design studio. I can say this because one of our events was so incredibly lush and full and over the top that it looked like a dream world for brides and floral designers. In addition to that wedding, we styled an event on the Eastern Shore, designed the flowers for Jason Reeves of the Salamander Resort, we designed a Hollywood glam wedding at a private residence, and we designed flowers at Oatlands plantation. That’s right we designed five weddings this past weekend and each one of them was spectacular.

17 people worked last week, chalking up almost 1,000 hours of work in one week, we handled, loved, and designed over 20,000 stems. Last week was amazing!! In addition to the floral design and production, photographer Genevieve Leiper came by to take photos of me for an upcoming feature and cinematographer Josh Gooden was here recording the HCF happenings. Look for a video about our studio in the near future.

Here are a few pictures that show the production for our epic wedding week.

Me and my 24 foot long truck of flowers.

Susan, Janet, and Sue in my garden.

This is the almost finished new flower shop in the basement. We designed in the basement, in the flower truck, in the driveway and in the main flower shop.  This picture shows HCF designer Ashley, and Whitney. Chapel Designer Trish is in the middle.

Chapel Designers in the house.

On many occasions I cried, I cried because I was grateful, excited, and thrilled to see all of our hard work pay off. Thankfully the tears were of relief and joy. It was very emotional to have the support of so many people and to see my team kick some floral a _ _.

Gaby and Myriam lead designers at HCF.

This is my new friend Josh Gooden.

Our amazing Peter!!


Once again thanks to all of the designers that made this week happen. I don’t know how to begin to thank you!!!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (09.24.2013 | 11:03)

    **tears**…beautiful people creating incredible beauty…

  • Anna Says: (09.25.2013 | 06:24)

    You are one beautiful and amazing lady!!! Everything looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Evie MacDougall Says: (09.25.2013 | 06:47)

    Holly WOW! You are incredible and that photo of you at the start is absolutely stunning-such a massive inspiration!! I hope I have the honour of catching up with you again one day!

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (09.26.2013 | 08:21)

    Holly…I cried tears of joy right along with you as I sat mesmerized by these pictures! To pull 5 amazing events of this caliber is incomprehensible to me! Every creation and event was out of this world. Props to your whole design team and the amazing Chapel Designers. I feel so incredibly blessed to know you personally and be a part of this most special group of wonderful people!!!!!!!!

  • Sara Balmer Says: (09.26.2013 | 09:31)

    Oh my goodness, Holly & company! Amazing! That creamy colored phaleonopsis/hydrangea wedding is crazy over the top gorgeous. Truly a dream. I bet you all are exhausted. Congratulations on your big successful and gloriously beautiful weekend! WOW.

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