Every time I walk through the garden I see mountains of gomphrena, I have been itching to create an all gomphrena bouquet. I took the time today to bring some of my designs to life. I so love playing in my flower shop just for the h _ _ _ of it!!

I used three different shades of gomphrena in the design. There is a swirling, textural pattern in the design.

This bouquet began last Tuesday when I was teaching the newest Chapel Designers. Actually I guess it began last Sunday when I picked up those osage oranges on my hike with Elijah. When I saw the chartreuse green fruit, I knew I would have to design with them. The design got started during the class and abandoned until last night. The poor arrangement sat out all week without water, thankfully I took the time to finish up the piece.

The bouquet could be carried sideways, asymmetrically, or cascading.

The bouquet features aborvitae, nandina, seeded euc, perennial anemone buds, succulents, purple foliage’s, bark that Francoise Weeks and Bob Wollam harvested for me, and those sexy osage oranges.

I hope you take time today to be creative, in fact I hope you practice your chosen craft at least once a week. Spread your wings and design!!!

  • Margaret Says: (09.02.2013 | 01:56)

    WOW! That’s a lot of gomphrena! Gorgeous bouquet!

    I love this post and your encouragement to design just for the joy of creating.

  • Coral Says: (09.02.2013 | 03:30)

    beautiful Holly!

  • Shannon Says: (09.02.2013 | 09:09)

    You are so inspiring and I’m so envious of what your garden must look like. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lisa Says: (09.03.2013 | 12:20)

    These are both done on oasis forms?

  • Mimi Says: (09.04.2013 | 03:58)

    The gomphrena would add a lovely texture and bit of color to a mixed bouquet.

  • www.passionflowerstjohn.com Says: (09.04.2013 | 06:33)

    looks like you scratched your itch , Beautiful!!

  • Mark Healy Says: (09.07.2013 | 12:37)

    wow! Beautiful wedding bouquets! http://www.flora-leo.com

  • DillonXrst Says: (09.28.2013 | 02:13)

    God, I thought you had been going to chip in some critical insights inside the end there, and usually do not let the ‘leave it to you to decide.’

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