Yesterday we hosted a one day intensive floral design workshop. This fun and amazing event was inspired by Lauren from Garden Gate Florals. Lauren wanted to come from Florida for our two hour dahlia design class, this seemed like quite the journey for just two hours. After a brief discussion we decided we would host Lauren for a one day intensive class and make her a Chapel Designer. This all happened within the last 3 weeks which meant we had a nice and super cozy group yesterday. Designer Blair of Sweet Blossoms and Amy of Crimson and Clover decided to join in on this event as well. At 6pm Kristin came over for the dahlia design class, she has been hoping to take a class with me for over 2 years. The day was awesome!!! Amy, Lauren, and Blaire are the newest Chapel Designers and Kristin is now hopelessly addicted to dahlias and design.

After a 3 hour business meeting we designed bouquets. This is Blair from Sweet Blossoms


Amy from Crimson and Clover


Lauren from Garden Gate Florals

Gorgeous, sexy, lovely!!!




During the day we stopped for a fabulous lunch from South Street Under. Back in the design studio we discussed big designs, bouts and corsages, and we made hair pieces. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the beautiful floral crowns these designers made.

After a lovely dinner also made by South Street we headed to Don’s Dahlias. This was so much fun. My new flower friends were absolutely freaking out over Don’s Dahlias. I am serious, they were screaming, squealing, photographing, and kissing the dahlias.

Check this baby out, this plant is producing two different types of dahlias. This imperfection makes me love this particular dahlia all the more.  Don of course is not impressed by this dahlias inability to stay true to it’s color and formation. I love the misfits!!!

I thought the girls were going to totally lose it when they went in Don’s cooler. In fact, Amy was buying dahlias left and right.

Back in the studio we created compote designs with flowers from my garden and Don’s Dahlias,

Amy rocked out this colorful design!!

Blair’s beauty!!

Dramatic and sexy lines created by Lauren.

And last but not least Kristin’s long awaited Hollyish design, this piece was so beautiful!!!

Yesterday was perfect, many thanks to Don and Rhonda for sharing their dahlias with us. We are so grateful we know them!!!

  • Emily Says: (08.29.2013 | 10:01)

    I am a huge fan of your blog, and so look forward to reading your posts, and staring at your designs, and those designers you feature, after a long day. Thank you for sharing!

  • Abby Flowers Design Says: (09.01.2013 | 04:32)

    Great job, guys! Everything looks beautiful!

  • Rosanna F Smith Says: (09.02.2013 | 11:22)

    I so LOVE that you love the misfits!! : ) xo!

  • Amy Says: (09.02.2013 | 07:24)

    I had such an amazing time!! Thanks for taking and posting the wonderful photos! xoxo

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