Honestly it can be frustrating coming home for the summer: curfew, cars, rules, expectations, obligations, Eli, Sam, and last but not least the flower shop that happens to occupy the space directly below my bedroom. Did you know that the bustling mitochondria of the Holly Heider Chapple Flowers cell exists just below my bed? Day in, day out flowers flowers flowers. I will tell you, as a kid I did not like my mom’s business.

I mean, before this past summer, I was sure the most I had inherited from my mother was cheekbones and blonde hair, an appreciation for landscaping and a love for fresh produce. I thought I would never like floristry. And then I changed. Perhaps it’s like a palate maturing, like a child who hated asparagus and all of a sudden can’t get enough of it in adulthood… like a switch, I loved flower arranging. My fingers itched and my eyes admired like they never had before.

In retrospect there seems to be a lot that brought this on. While at school, I was deprived of greenery and flowers and honestly it was depressing. And when I returned home, it was flowers galore. I mean you should see my parent’s gardens. They are literally inspiring. On top of that, I got to see my mom in her element more than ever before. Recently she has had the opportunity to be so creative and productive. I’m pretty sure my mom did a photo shoot every week and those are special because my mom gets to experiment.  I think this summer both she and I rediscovered the art in her practice. Also, I met many many inspiring florists. At least 20 Chapel Designers. I also observed (and even participated in!!!) some of her classes.

I’m telling you, I got spoiled. And because of this all, I fell in love. I went from a kid who never gave a $#%@ about flower arranging to an adult who is thinking about forgoing all of my other plans to join my mother in this career.

So here I am, facing some big life changes as I enter my last year of college and I’m opening myself up to this new, flowery world.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. My mom and I decided that, as a good introduction to her business, I could start as a staff writer for her blog. If I like it, that’s a good sign. If I’m good at it, an even better sign.

To you, the reader, I’m offering * hopefully * a new perspective into this operation. Nobody knows the infamous Holly Chapple like I do. Nobody knows my family dynamics like I do. And honestly, I probably know as much about how my mom runs her business as she does. I’ve been an active participant and observer in this crazy thing my whole life. So this is it, the inside scoop provided by me. Are you ready?

And yes. Moving back home is hard. Being thrown into the craziness that is Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and the Chapple Family is difficult… but going back to school is harder. I miss my family as soon as I leave. I miss my goofy siblings and my hardworking parents and I miss flowers. God, I miss flowers. So please don’t hate my writing, this is as close as I get to home when I’m many miles away.

Here it goes, the great experiment, my internship as an HHCF’s writer. Wish me luck!!!!!

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (08.27.2013 | 09:06)

    I am sooo excited to read your blog posts! I know as a mom of some young’uns who have experienced a lot of what you have it will be fun to see the take on the business through your eyes as a child who has had to grow up in the middle of some serious craziness!!!!!!! I sure know my kids have had their ups and downs with me trying to pursue this flower dream…..but my heart is just overwhelmed when they all gather and help pull a big event! BLessings!

  • Alicia Jayne Florals Says: (08.27.2013 | 10:06)

    Go Abby! I got chills reading your first post. I love how you have grown to love flowers and admire your mother’s career in floral design. You never know where life will lead you! Good luck with your senior year! ENJOY every last minute while you’re there!

  • ashley Says: (08.27.2013 | 10:48)

    Just lovely Abby!!! Can’t wait to read more, great job! 😉

  • Carlene: Healthfully Ever After Says: (08.27.2013 | 10:56)

    I have to comment to make sure you get your props for this post. You can write. I’m dead serious. It doesn’t sound forced, or odd, or halting. It’s literally like having a conversation with you! I’m so happy to see you exploring your interest and opening yourself up to ‘the family business’. Go Abby! (-Cameron Helble’s Big Sister)

  • Karen Lipkin Says: (08.27.2013 | 03:38)

    Really enjoyed reading this, great job! The best of luck to you in whatever path you follow.

  • Abby Chapple Says: (08.27.2013 | 06:28)

    Thank you so much for the support! I was so nervous to submit it haha

  • Francoise Weeks Says: (08.28.2013 | 08:02)

    Great post Abby! Love your writing and am so happy that you are moving forward with this endeavor!

  • rachel Says: (08.28.2013 | 11:35)

    AHHH I love this and beyond the writing I’m so excited to read about the possibility of you joining the business. I love all the Chapple’s and I’m glad I get to see this all evolving. Enjoy the journey, there is no telling what exact path this is going to take, but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!!

  • Jean Thill Says: (08.29.2013 | 07:55)

    You traded in monkeys for flowers!!! Wise girl!!! Enjoyed your first post very much. You are full of passion, just like your Mom, and it will be fun to read your perspective on life in Holly’s flower world.

  • Kristin Rose Says: (08.29.2013 | 11:18)

    I started as a freelance writer out of college years ago. Over the years, I’ve worked at ad agencies, a magazine, and wrote some direct marketing pieces for extra money from time to time. I loved it but i needed more money so I got into commercial real estate and have never left. I have one piece of advice for you…follow your passion. Do what you love and the money, and professional respect will follow. You’ve got a great voice that comes through in your writing. You have talent. If you love it, don’t give it up on it for anything! Keep doing what you’re doing and take as many writing workshops as you can. They’re fun and you meet funky people. You have talent and passion. Walking away from either is a crime. Be happy and got for it!!! There’s nothing more costly in life than regret.
    So Cheers Abby, keep chasing your dreams!

  • Kristin Rose Says: (08.29.2013 | 11:21)

    PS…Don’t ever write your posts late at night after a long day or they will be full of typos like mine 🙂

  • Nikki S Says: (09.01.2013 | 04:19)

    Super interesting to read! It’s brave of you to embrace such a change in your life! I’m looking forward to more posts!

  • Christy Says: (09.01.2013 | 09:27)

    Good luck! You’re rocking the internship already!! Power to the flower and to you! Xo! Ch

  • Erin - Floret Says: (09.05.2013 | 10:29)

    What a great post!

    Can’t wait to follow along on your new adventure.

  • Yuriy Says: (09.11.2013 | 06:15)

    Go Abby!!!

    Don’t be scared, though it’s not alway easy to write about flowers. To put in words their beauty and scents and charm.

    Yet if you love them (and you should – you are Holly’s daughter!:) ) the words will come smooth and easy and you will enjoy each day og blogging as well as your readers will!

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