Last nights floral design workshop started at my friend Don’s house. Don is a dahlia grower. In addition to being an incredible grower Don is the vice president of the Dahlia Society. Don is so much more then a grower, he is a perfectionist and his flowers are amazing. I know the students enjoyed this incredible experience.

This dahlia was from the seedling row, Don most likely will not want me to feature this bloom. Don does not like this wild looking renegade bloom, he sees all of its breeding flaws, but I loved it!! He explained that seedling dahlias need a 3 year trial before they can go onto an official trial garden and be judged. Once the dahlia is judged and approved it becomes a named variety. Please don’t quote Don on any of this, this was all my interpretation of the wild card row of dahlias. He called it designers alley!!

Don is all about perfection.  He goes to great lengths to tend to his babies, it’s all a little mind boggling.

Just before I snapped this picture, I asked Don if he wanted to be a designer. Can you see the laugh that is about to explode from him?

Time with Don is always a treat.

Back at my house, we did a quick run through the gardens and I snagged a few extra blooms along the way.

After we finished in the garden we went into the flower shop for some design time. The room was ready and waiting with dahlias, and garden flowers. During the class we snacked on french bread and cheeses.

I started the class by explaining the foundation of the design, which typically begins with the greenery. Each student was allowed to pick the flowers and colors they wanted to use. We also discussed where the flowers would be displayed once they got their design home.  A sideboard design, is created differently then a table centerpiece.

The below designs were created during our class. Each piece was truly spectacular, unfortunately my pictures simply don’t do them justice.

This class was a delight to teach. I am truly enjoying sharing my home and my love of flowers. Our next dahlia workshop is schedule for August 27th from 6pm to 8pm. Students also have the option of doing the full day Business and Design class on the 27th as well. The business and design class is for those who are running a floral design business.

  • Pam Morris Says: (08.13.2013 | 12:10)

    What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Bellacicco Says: (08.17.2013 | 09:56)

    Holly was so great to be around and learn from. I have taken several design classes over the years and enjoyed hers the most by far! If you have the opportunity to take one DO!

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