For the last 3 days I have huddled around my computer with 8 of the newest Chapel Designers. Thankfully my good friend and fellow Chapel Designer Alicia Schwede was with me.  We spent at least 9 hours going over, contracts, terms, purchasing, sourcing, branding, and marketing. If I know it, I shared it, if they asked it, I answered it. After our morning business meeting sessions we designed. The pieces that were created here this week were amazing.

Linda Darnell

Created by Linda Darnell from Florabella

This is Mary from A Garden Party

Dawn from A Garden Party

Torey from A Garden Party

Megan from A Garden Party.

Ellen Seagraves event designer.

Melissa Stewart, Artistry Boston

Many of the flowers used in this workshop were sourced from Don’s Dahlia’s, my garden or from Lynnvale.  Thankfully we even had time on our first day to talk with Andrea, tour my gardens, and we even headed to Don’s house.



This is Evan’s newest garden and we are in love with this space.

In Don’s garden we delighted over his prize winning dahlias.

Monday was totally a full day and an incredible adventure.


  • Nicole Says: (07.25.2013 | 02:48)

    OMGOODNESS!!! I so wish I was there. Your gardens and creations are gorgeous! Welcome newest Chapel Designers!!! 🙂

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