Alex and Mallary are such a beautiful couple, I still can’t believe they are really actually married. We all waited and dreamed about this wedding.  It’s truly hard to believe we are fast approaching their first anniversary. Their first year of marriage has been a joy to behold. Watching two young people find their way, set up a home, and conquer the world has been awesome. If you knew them as a couple you would know they were destined for greatness. They work hard at everything they do, seriously, they don’t do anything kinda sorta well!! They put a million percent into everything.  Here are some pictures from our fabulous family wedding.

I am headed to DC for a designer mission with my friends the Chapel Designers. I will post the reception images as soon as I have a chance. Once again thanks to the many amazing people that helped to bring this wedding to life!!!

Many thanks Genevieve Leiper who photographed the wedding, I could only intrust her to capture this special family day. Thanks a million times over to Rachel Merkle, of Miss Merkle Design who created some of my all time favorite stationery, she truly branded this wedding. A million thanks to the fabulous Dot Shetterley who shared her home Silverbrook Farm with us, Joan Wolford of Savoir Fare for the incredible food,  Kendalls Cakes for that delicious cake, and a huge round of thanks needs to go to my flower shop family who pulled off one of the most amazing weddings, all while I was being mother of the groom. Our studio, did the design and styling, lighting and drape and the planning for this wedding. Many thanks to Kristen Lickey our in house wedding planner and one last huge round of applause for Victoria Stiles for making all the girls look pretty, Kim Trombly for helping us make sashes, table runners, and for recreating my mother of the groom dress, and to Don for all of his insanely beautiful dahlias, which were my children’s first and most important floral request!!!


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