I think I start almost every post by saying I LOVED this wedding. I guess that may seem a little silly, but in truth I do LOVE all of the work this studio is producing. I am honestly really proud of what we do. The wedding of Megan and Aaron is truly one of my favorite Loudoun Weddings from last year. I often open up their wedding file just because I know it will make me smile. The way that Kate Triano captured the wedding and my bouquets is truly spectacular. This wedding features flowers and designs that are truly and totally unique to our studio. The flowers used in this wedding can’t be duplicated every weekend and possibly never again. Rare strands of zinnia, and other garden flowers all bloomed in unison to create these designs. This wedding is very “Hollyish” not because it’s organic, or loose and airy, but because of the love that went into it and because of the pleasure it brought us to design it. Thanks to my fabulous garden and the gardens of Dons’ Dahlias, and Lynnvale Farm Studio, Wedding planning and design was done by my friend and colleague Megan Pollard of Events In The City, bringing Megan pretty flowers was another huge plus of the day. Lets just say I made both of my Megan’s happy and that is a great memory!!

The flowers of the day included garden roses (which were the only non local bloom) sedum, astrantia, smart weed, zinnia, dahlias, phlox, amaranthus, and greens.



I LOVE it, I LOVE it, I LOVE it, and I don’t need to say another word!!

  • Cindy Says: (06.29.2013 | 12:42)

    I am curious, do you hire your own professional photographer to capture the florals exactly as you wish at all of your weddings? Or do the local photographers, whom I am sure you have great friendships with, share their pictures with you? You never cease to amaze. Thank you for sharing your talent and lessons with us!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (06.30.2013 | 03:07)

      My most favorite pictures are sent to me by the professional photographers. However most of them are my personal friends. It is getting harder and harder to get pictures from our events. Most young people or forward thinking business owners realize that sharing their images benefits them in the long run. I make a point to refer the photographers that are generous with their images. I am so grateful to those types of photographers. Unfortunately a lot of photographers are concerned about copyright issues and they are not willing to share their work. To the ones that share without a watermark I will be forever grateful.
      To resolve some of this issue, I have a big brand new and professional camera being delivered to our studio in the next few days. Next step is to take some photography classes. I have learned if you need something in life, you have to take the bull by the horns!!!

  • andrea Says: (07.09.2013 | 08:00)

    Lovely as always – wait till you see the new zinnias we have this year … you’ll lose it! unfortunately the beetles like them too at the moment!

  • Anna Says: (07.17.2013 | 07:31)

    I LOVE this wedding!!!! It’s gorgeous. I think every wedding you do becomes my new favorite!!!!

  • selina Says: (08.08.2013 | 02:22)

    I really like the way you create flower bouquets…they are just wonderful! 🙂 Every single one is unique and suit perfect to the bride!

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