Earlier this year I worked on a photo shoot with event planner and designer Janice of Bellwether Events. The fabulous shoot is being featured today on the Every Last Detail blog and can be seen here.  The shoot is loaded with fabulous stationery designed by Fig. 2 Design and clothing and accessories from Rent The Runway, so make sure you head over to Every Last Detail to catch every last detail.  My post is gonna be all about the flowers. A huge thanks to the incredible Katie Stoops, who was the rocking photographer that captured this work. This shoot will always be special to me because I spent one very long night up in the flower shop making these pieces. I used more floral glue on this shoot then I typically use in a month.

The first hair piece was created by GLUING sweet peas, orchids, and the pinnacles of a king protea to an anthurium.

This hair piece was created with the bottom petals and foliage from a king protea and a mini orchid. There was GLUE involved here as well.

This bouquet made my heart sing and I made it with a whole lot of… GLUE. This bouquet is called a composite bouquet. It started with a round cardboard disk the shape of a donut. I GLUED the petals of 7 tulips around the disk. I added mini callas, and anthurium and 3 cascading tulips to the back of the bouquet. I LOVE THIS BABY!!!

This corsage features mini callas, orchids, and variegated grasses.  A gold wire coiled around the design and the wire was also a bracelet that held the corsage on the arm.  Yes I used GLUE here as well!!!

My succulent bridal bouquet was so much fun to create. Many of these succulents were gathered in January when I was in California. The succulents in spite of being GLUED into this bouquet are now growing in a pot at my front door.  This bad boy, is what I call SEXY!!!

My billy ball, succulent, necklace was so much fun to create. I crafted my arse off on this particular evening, and I especially loved the itty bitty little mini succulents that I GLUED onto the billy balls to create this necklace.

My succulent billy ball belt, was another fabulous creation made during my mad night of design. Yes I GLUED the succulent onto the billy balls. The billy balls were sewn onto the ribbon and I used a bit of GLUE to keep the billy balls attached to the ribbon.

This bouquet was created by gathering up mini billy balls, succulents,  and artfully presenting aspidistra leaves. This was a fun and simple bouquet and the perfect accompaniment to the succulent bridal bouquet. Yes, the succulent was Glued onto the billy balls.

This bouquet was created with a single king protea, silver dusty miller and silver brunia. I love the simplicity of this bouquet.

This bouquet is all about the Pantone color of the year, emerald green.

Staying up late and rocking it out, can be very rewarding. I love seeing how far I can push myself. I love to learn, Glue and invent, it’s KICK _ _ _!!!

  • Lisa Says: (06.11.2013 | 09:14)

    Love it so much Holly. This post is great! The pictures are divine and the way everything flows together, the floral really is a true extension of the fashion. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lisa Says: (06.11.2013 | 10:45)

    Beautiful work! You should LOVE that tulip composite – It’s a gorgeous, stunning work of art.

  • Yvonne Says: (06.12.2013 | 04:49)

    What a fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful bouquets.

  • Janice Carnevale Says: (06.12.2013 | 03:50)

    Thanks for the post, friend. I wasn’t sure, did you glue some of this stuff? 😉 The tulip bouquet ROCKS. I can’t stop staring at it.

  • Palm Springs + Rent the Runway | petitely Says: (06.17.2013 | 09:22)

    […] escort cards with a modern geometric pattern make a great combo! I was drooling [as usual] over Holly Chapple‘s bouquets and floral pieces for this shoot – talk about some floral fashion. Holly does it […]

  • christy Says: (06.18.2013 | 08:50)

    so, everything about your rocks. and, that tulip bouquet is downright stunning and amazing. you are stunning and amazing. thank you for sharing this… it makes my flower day. or, day flower. or who knows, it just makes every thing better. i love it!

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