It’s early Monday morning and I find myself wondering where the time is going? Our studio/family has been very busy for many years. Over the past years I was able to manage the business, spend time with the kids, blog, market the business and even garden a bit. I don’t know how this year is any different but it just seems like there is not enough time.

We have more people working here then ever before and I have less time then ever before. How did that happen? Because of this lack of time, I have missed a lot of blog posts, and I am sorry about that. I have been struggling to find words that matter, images that inspire me, and the ability to share all of the insanity that happens around here daily. I wish I could just tie a little mini camcorder on and show you the life we are living. The beauty that is made here is hard to believe. Each weekend this studio cranks out several amazing weddings. The weddings always come first and how we successfully and beautifully design each of those events is truly awe inspiring. What we accomplish is honestly remarkable. Once the weddings of the week are done, we bounce between, gardening, marketing. designing, kids, housework, and networking. We bounce from chore to chore like a ping pong ball. Evan spends nearly every day outside growing us more flowers, if he is not in the garden, he is hanging fabric or lights for one of our events. I guess the new responsibilities, of traveling, teaching, and my organization for floral designers (Chapel Designers) is partly to blame for the lack of time around here. I spend lots of time now, helping others. This is something I truly love to do but it is requiring a good bit of my time. I guess this was the time I used for blogging. I will try my best to start filling this place back up with inspiration. If any of my readers have images from their weddings they should  email those over to me!!

BTW, we still have 3 spaces in our Grow Your Business Workshop. You can find out about that event at the upcoming events link on my website. We are also gathering subscribers for newsletters and events, if you have not signed up, you can go to the home page of our website and subscribe in the bottom right corner. If you are interested in becoming a Chapel Designer you should sign up here.  If you have not checked out our new website make sure you do, as you can see, lots of fabulous information is available there.

Photograph by Anne Robert


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