Another opportunity to share!!! The next phase of my website is finally done and I am a super proud flower mama!! My web designer/past bride/ dear friend/ Rachel Merkle of Miss Merkle Design has created another way for me to connect with other designers. Please join me in gathering a Full Bouquet. Essentially what we have done, is create a hash tag wall for beautiful flowers and talented designers. Images that are tweeted or published on instagram and tagged #fullbouquet will appear on one gallery wall. This wall will be a collective mural of anyone that participates. Not only will the wall be a beautiful place of inspiration, the #wall will also show the twitter handle of the designer. This will allow brides, and hopefully even editors to see the creator of the design. Spreading the beauty of flowers and the talents of other designers has become a true passion of mine. I am so excited about this project and I can’t wait to see how this tapestry of floral designs grows. You know I am all about growing!!!!

I am off to my final day of the Engage Conference, but throughout the day I will be checking in to see how our pretty place of inspiration has grown. Become a part of something beautiful and help us gather a beautiful Full Bouquet!!! Remember share your floral design images via twitter or instagram and tag them #fullbouquet.

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