I am very excited to announce the Grow Your Wedding Business Workshop.  The session will take place at my house/flower studio for 3 days from July 22nd- 24th. I will be joined by industry leader Alicia Schwede. In addition to being a well recognized designer, Alicia is the co editor of the Flirty Fleurs Blog, and the editor of the book Bella Bouquets. During our three days together we will discuss how to grow your floral design wedding business, with tips on social media, good business practices, marketing plans and we will discuss buying and sourcing.

We will design each day using flowers from my gardens, local sources, and blooms from abroad. The final day will end with a photo shoot that will be styled by Holly, Alicia, and the students. Designers will also be given images of their work to add to their portfolio. If the shoot is picked up for publication the designers will also be given credit for their work.  All students attending the workshop will also become members of the design group called the Chapel Designers.  Once a Chapel Designer you will be offered exclusive Chapel Designer discounts, continual guidance and support from Holly on how to refinance student loans, and the option to join our design forum. Space is limited, so sign up right away. Our first workshop in June was a complete sell out!!  Whoops, I almost forgot, students will also be given a featured post about their business on the Flirty Fleurs blog. In order to qualify for this feature, designers must submit professional images of their work, and have an operating business with a website.

See you at my house!!

  • Sophia Says: (05.20.2013 | 10:21)

    Ever consider teaching an online course?

    • Holly Chapple Says: (05.20.2013 | 10:43)

      Sophia, I may consider that option somewhere down the road. We are also currently offering mentoring.

  • Nadia Says: (05.20.2013 | 05:07)

    hey holly!
    can you make this into a purchasable document too?
    I can’t make it to USA for a long time but would find both your insights facinating?

  • nadia Says: (05.20.2013 | 05:09)

    silly me – i just saw your previous comment and response!

  • Elisa Restea Says: (05.20.2013 | 05:27)

    Sounds wonderful! Would love to participate at some point 🙂

  • Elisa Restea Says: (05.20.2013 | 05:28)

    Sounds wonderful! Would love to participate some time in the future 🙂

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