My mothers day started bright and early at Meadows Farms Nursery, which is the garden center my father built 26 years ago. My newly married son Alex came out from the city and met the clan for some flower shopping!! If you follow this blog you know mothers day is the one day I get the whole clan to work. Every year the kids ask what I want for mothers day and every year I request that they help in the garden. The children seriously wish I would come up with a different gift idea. I however love this day, and I always hope we can spend it planting. The cutting gardens are typically in pretty good shape by mothers day. Our annuals are started and are growing on racks. This day is about getting the planters planted, the pool cleaned up, and adding hanging baskets to the property.

Having my whole clan with me feels so right!! I know this time together is so precious. As each child gets older and leaves the nest, my chances of us all being together will get very slim.


I grabbed everything I could get my hands on. I chose lots of unique foliages, ferns, vines, and some blooming perennials. Evan has created lots of new gardens that require shade plants so I was really pulling for those spaces. I also chose two more viburnums to add into my serious collection of viburnums.

Next we headed to my dads farmers market which is called Heiders Country Store. I gathered more perennials, herbs, annuals, and my flowers for the planters, plus lots of hanging baskets.  We also bought pie, strawberries, asparagus, and herbs, dads store in Lucketts is amazing.

The kids always get an old fashioned soda pop when they hit the store. From here on out all of the images of Grace show a super cute orange mustache. That mustache stayed with her all day!!

Back home the planting began.

See the orange mustache, see the worm?

Our new daughter in law Mallary even got in on the fun.

Sam chose to swim rather then help. Notice the pool has not been cleaned yet. Crazy boy!!!

Once all of the gardening was done there was a family baseball game.

Things are looking good around here!! Thanks Chapple kids for a fabulous day and thanks to Evan for an amazing supper!!


  • ria erikson Says: (05.13.2013 | 06:52)

    What a beautiful family,thanks for sharing! I too work at a nursery when I am not designing weddings and events, and do the same thing on Mother’s Day. It’s the only time I get the muscle help with all the lifting and no complaining 🙂 Ria

  • Katie Pollard Says: (05.13.2013 | 10:07)

    So sweet! What a beautiful family! Happy Mother’s Day, indeed. 🙂

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