I am having a mini anxiety attack as I start to write this post!!!!!!!!!!! When I write regularly it’s hard enough to keep my words to a minimum. It has been two weeks since I seriously stopped to share with you. Thinking about everything that has happened here in the last two weeks and trying to compress it into one blog post is nauseating. I have so much to share, so much to catch up on. I actually would rather crawl underneath a rock then try to determine where to pick up.

Firstly and most importantly, I have to thank all of the Chapel Designers and all of the presenters at our conference in NYC. There are no words to describe how amazing our conference was. Really, honestly, the event was remarkable. It will take me months or even years to comprehend what is happening with this group. One thing is for certain this group is good!!!! We now have 49 new designers on a wait list for 2014. Perhaps we will have to do a fall version in 2013? I will try to post more from this trip as I receive the images.

Upon our return from NYC we designed a huge event in Middleburg VA.  The event was held in an indoor riding arena. We designed 52 arrangements for this very important party and we landscaped several areas in the barn as well. The event went on for several days and the final delivery was last Monday.

Monday was also the day Elijah broke his arm. Next we spent a few days in the hospital, boy that was fun.

Over the weekend we brought contemporary glam designs, into a rustic setting. We have been on a serious roll!!!

The brides bouquet was created of white peony, white hydrangea, white ranunculus, and white cabbage roses.

After we completed the wedding on Saturday I dashed to JMU to get our daughter Abby. This ensured that all the Chapple children would be together on Easter Sunday. This also meant that we went to church looking like the motley crew. I had intended to go get everyone new Easter Sunday clothes but a trip to JMU seemed way more important.

I had four precious hours on Sunday with my entire family. That was worth the world to me.

  • Tracy Park Says: (04.02.2013 | 08:53)

    You and your crazy life not sure how you do it..

  • Peggy Sherwood Design and Events Says: (04.02.2013 | 09:05)

    Holy Holly!!!!!!!! This post is filled with the most gorgeous eye candy!! I don’t know what to gaze at first!!!! You knocked both events out of the park!!!!! And I am so happy for you!!!!! Glad Eli is running around and dancing a jig! And I have to say I almost made it through your post with out tearing up…..but then you melted my heart when you talked about all your children being home….nothing is more precious in life than when our family comes home and is ALL together!!! And thank you for the most incredible trip…the time with the Chapel Designers and YOU was more than I ever imagined!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  • Katie Pollard Says: (04.02.2013 | 11:51)

    OMG Holly! Everything is just breathtaking!! So happy you’ve had a successful (albeit stressful) couple of weeks. You’re amazing!

  • Katie McConnell Says: (04.02.2013 | 07:22)

    Holly- you are an inspiration. Everything looks beautiful! You always get the job done and that’s what inspired me to be a part of the Chapel Designers.

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