This was not the spring break our family was hoping for!!! Our dear sweet boy Eli flew off of a monkey bar on Monday afternoon. The break was so intense that we spent two days in the hospital. Eli has a fractured arm and a dislocated elbow, thankfully Eli is home and recovering. Because of this injury, I have had to but the brakes on some of my posts .  There is so much going on here and I am dying to catch you all up but I have to dig through 10 days of emails first.  I will be back with my thoughts about Chapel Designers 2013, the huge event that we just designed in Middleburg, and so many other exciting things.

One other fun thing I should mention, you will see on the sidebar of the blog that the Holly and Francoise wedding workshop is now open for students this June. We have already had several students sign up, and the class was not officially announced until right now!!!

  • Nadia Says: (03.28.2013 | 06:23)

    Ah dear boy, much healing live coming your way xxx

  • Pam Morris Says: (04.01.2013 | 08:31)

    I am so sorry about Eli’s accident. I went through that twice with one of my children. It hurts so deeply to see them like that. I am praying for his speedy recovery.

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