What a week it has been, you guys! The designers had the morning to shop at the flower market and stock up on all their favorite ribbons. Some of us who hadn’t been before got the very special treat from Naomi de Manana to tour Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and we cannot thank her enough for her time!! In the afternoon, we were able to learn from and work with the talented Ariella Chezar. She walked through how she designs her lush bouquets and together we made a tablescape.

As Holly gave her closing notes, we were all brought to tears of both joy and sadness – joy for all the friendships fostered and sadness for having to go our separate ways. We have been spoiled silly by the love and efforts of Holly and Evan Chapple. None of this would have been possible without them and all of us are so, so thankful. Peggy and Carol of Celebration Florals went above and beyond to create a book of memories and notes from all the Chapel Designers for Holly as a keepsake.

What has been done here in New York City is greater than any one of us, and as I reflect upon the week I am still in awe of how amazing it is to have been a part of this community. From a non-florist perspective, I can personally guarantee you this is worth more than every penny. For florists everywhere [and I mean everywhere], this conference is more than a flower party – this is a support group deeply rooted in the beliefs that we are all human, sharing is caring, and that our love for our work is what drives us to stay in this business.

This last video is dedicated to Holly Chapple – for inspiring us in the midst of our foolishness and hunger for growth to strive for more, to take leaps of faith, and to just make the phone call [or email, if we’re not feeling so bold]. It is always and will always be an honor to work with you, and I think everyone who knows you would agree.

Here’s to the 22 states, 4 countries and 1 territory in 2013!


P.S. Stay tuned for lots of images to recap!

  • Shelly Says: (03.21.2013 | 01:30)

    “Spoiled silly” is certainly one way to describe how I feel. It has certainly been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my business. I don’t know if I will ever be able to express how truely thankful I am! Thank you Holly and Evan! You are so amazing!!

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