Yesterday was an absolutely mind-blowing day at the Chapel Designers Conference in NYC. Wehad a very busy day learning from designers David Beahm, Holly Chapple, and Karen Tran, and we got our hands dirty making bouquets and tablescapes. It was also a very emotional day as the designers shared with one another a little about their past and how they got to where they are now. As she promised, Holly shed some tears, but she surely wasn’t alone. The bond formed between all the Chapel Designers is clearly one that cannot be severed.

David Beahm graciously hosted us at his production warehouse, demonstrated how to create a large-scale design, and gave us so much encouragement to funnel our emotions into our work. Karen Tran brilliantly taught us inside tips and tricks on how to design elevated pieces and incorporate them in a tablescape. Holly Chapple and Francoise Weeks oversaw all the designers who got an opportunity to create bouquets of their own, using a variety of flowers from Florabundance, Alexandra Farms, and Roseveille Farms. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity, especially to Joost Bongaerts of Florabundance. Many thanks also to Michael Gonzalez and Vanessa Polanco of Verde Flowers for providing food and snacks and sharing their amazing flower shop with us. The day’s supplies were provided by Milton Adler, along with European bouquet holders by Smithers Oasis.

See all the Chapel Designers videos here if you’d like to see them all on one site. Vicki Grafton and I hope you’ve been enjoying our amateur attempts at creating and editing these videos – it has been such an exciting adventure! Pictures from the day will be coming to you soon!

Off to another fun-filled day!

  • Yuriy Says: (03.20.2013 | 09:43)

    And where are the photos? We have seen a lot via instagram though)

    And specaial thanks for the videos! It makes everything that happen now in NY so vivid!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (03.20.2013 | 02:29)

    Vicki & Megan – I LOVE the videos! Thank you for making them so that those of us who aren’t there can see the amazing experiences unfold. I loved seeing Holly’s tears in today’s video. That’s who she IS…such heart for these designers. Thanks for capturing the emotions!

  • ria Says: (03.20.2013 | 06:21)

    Thank you Vicki and Megan! This is just wonderful for all of us who missed this year! I cannot wait to be a part of such an amazing group of talented designers! Thank you thank you ~ Ria

  • Leslie Says: (03.20.2013 | 07:17)

    I’m so sad I couldn’t attend !!! I think this definitely needs to become a twice a year bicoastal event. Looks like everyone is having a great time and learning a bunch.

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