I love surprising the Chapel Designers and this may be one of my best surprises ever. Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty will be joining the Chapel Designers in NYC.

As I write this post, I am trying to be professional, but all I really want to do is scream YES!!!!!!!! I am so excited that Abby will be taking time out of her busy schedule to speak to our group about weddings, submissions, and all things pretty!! We are incredibly lucky to be adding Abby to our agenda.

So do a Tuesday morning happy dance and then go about your day of designing or wedding dreaming. We are 3 weeks out from an amazing party and celebration in NYC!!!To the Chapel Designers in Russia, Australia, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. You are gonna be really happy when you wake up!!!

Abby Larson is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Style Me Pretty, a wedding blog for the style obsessed. Coined “The Mother of all Blogs” by Metro World News, SMP is mecca for the prettiest, must well curated bridal content on the web. Abby is also the author of the newly released book Style Me Pretty Weddings which has been written up in the NY Times Style Section, The Boston Globe, Elle Magazine, In Style and many more.

  • Peggy Sherwood Design and Events Says: (02.26.2013 | 01:48)

    HOLY HOLLY!!!!!!!!! That’s my new phrase!! 🙂 With every post of NYC I get my aerobic exercise in……I haven’t been this giddy, squealing with joy, and jumping up and down with excitement…..well……since UK won the NCAA championship last year….but still……I am beside myself!!!!!!!! EEEEEKKKKKK JUMP JUMP JUMP 🙂

  • Jennifer Ederer Says: (02.26.2013 | 01:57)

    This is absolutely incredible news and yet another reason why we call you “The FLOWER MOMMA!” In typical fashion you are making sure that all aspects of this trip are jam packed with inspiration! Thank you so much, Holly for all your efforts! You are loved.



  • Alicia Jayne Florals Says: (02.26.2013 | 02:56)

    I just did my happy dance! Cannot wait for all the fun in NYC!!! Thank you Holly!!!

  • Christy Says: (02.27.2013 | 02:43)


  • megan / petitely Says: (02.27.2013 | 02:58)

    I am all nuts about this still, Holly! I can hardly believe it! Counting down the days till the conference…

  • search Says: (02.28.2013 | 11:18)

    u are absolutely right mam.

  • Eatherley Says: (03.06.2013 | 03:54)

    Amazing, it keeps getting better!!!!:) I feel like I won the lottery this spring! Thank you Holly and veteran Chapel designers from the bottom of my heart~

  • kate minelian Says: (03.11.2013 | 05:37)

    so fantastic holly–wish wish wish I could attend. determined for next year!

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